Poker: basic notions, scores, rules and strategies to play in poker rooms

Poker is undoubtedly the card game most loved by players around the world and its great diffusion has led to the birth of a large number of variants with very different rules.

Contrary to what many think, poker is not just a fortune game: the player's ability is fundamental. Knowing how to make decisions quickly, evaluate the hand not only on the basis of their cards but to the behavior of the other players at the table and have a certain dose of intuition are the characteristics that in the long term can make the difference, regardless of the fortune in the distribution of the cards.

We have collected a series of resources concerning poker, starting from the basic knowledge of common for all variants to get to the specific rules of each type of poker to finish with information concerning the online poker game modes and some simple strategies of common use.

Where to play online poker

  • Discover the characteristics of the Snai Poker Room

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The foundations of online poker and poker: fundamental concepts

  • Learn the value of the hands in poker

    List of valid scores in most of the most common poker variants: Hold'em, Omaha, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud. Learn the scores that can be achieved in the common variants of poker where the highest hand beats the lower one.

  • Read the generic rules on poker

    Overview of the basic rules valid for all poker games: overview of the basic rules on the game of poker, of the actions that can be performed at the table and their meaning.

  • See the Ace to Five Lowball scores

    Discover the scores used to evaluate the hands in the ACE to Five Lowball variant: the scores in the hi-lo poker variants such as the ACE to Five Lowball reward the lowest hand, unlike what happens in the most famous versions!

Specific rules for the most famous poker variations

  • Discover the rules of Texas Hold'em

    All the rules of Texas Hold'em, the most loved and widespread poker game all over the world. All the expected game shifts and the episodes of episodes for the various shades of this timeless classic.

  • The rules of Omaha poker

    The Omha Poker regulation and analogies/differences with the most classic Texas Hold'em: each player is up to four cards instead of two and the final score must be composed with at least two cards from the hand.

  • The rules of the High -low Omha

    The guide that explains how to play the poker variant Omaha High-Low, in which the value of the flat dish is divided at the end of the game between the best low hand and the best high hand.

  • The rules of the 5 card draw

    How to play the most classic and simple of the vating poker: the Five Card Draw the variant that was most loved before the spread of the hold'em or other types of poker born especially in North America.

  • The rules of the 7 Card Stud

    The complete rules of the Poker SEVEN CARD VARIANT STUD: in this version of the game to each player 7 cards are distributed and there are no community cards on the table.

Information on online poker and poker rooms

  • Discover the Poker Cash

    Poker cash represents the true essence of poker game, but what does it differ from the tournaments with fixed buy-in? Players don't buy a ticket for the tournament, but bet directly with money.

  • Information on poker tournaments

    What are the various tournaments in which it is possible to participate by playing online poker and what the most common acronyms that identify them mean. Understanding the types of tournament is the first step towards a conscious game.

  • What are the freeroll tournaments

    Free access and real cash prizes guaranteed. Here are the Freeroll tournaments, a system that allows you to confront many gicators capable without taking any risk in economic terms.

  • Online poker without money

    Playing online poker is simple. The free game is offered by most poker rooms and is very similar to "social poker", in which it is played only for fun.

  • Play poker safely

    Learn to evaluate to those who are entrusting your money. Security information in poker rooms, on the certifications necessary to operate legally and on the reliability of payment systems.

Strategies and tips for online and classic poker game

  • Strategy: All-in with low stack

    Because, how and what are the advantages of going all-in with a low stack. A strategy to be used "in extremis" when things get hurt to avoid being devoured the stack by the opponents.

  • Strategy: Investing to see the flop

    When can it be convenient to risk money to see the flop even with a low hand? It depends on what happens at the table, but in some apparently unfavorable situations it is worth seeing the flop.

  • Strategy: steal the darkies

    Putting pressure on opponents is a good tactic to steal the darkness, especially when their value is consistent. An often winning trick, if you have the right "poker face".

  • Strategy: find beginners

    In poker who is more skilled, not just those who are luckier. Discover the common mistakes made by beginners to find them and beat them in no time!