Play poker for free, with the possibility of winning money: here are the freeroll tournaments!

The freerolls are undoubtedly the most delicious tournaments for the new players. These are simply poker tournaments that do not provide for the payment of the buy-in.

In other words, freerolls are completely free online tournaments. The characteristic of greatest importance, which differentiates them from the tournaments for virtual money, is the fact that the prize pool of the freerolls consists of cash prizes or in any case by tickets that allow access to more prestigious events

Participating in Freeroll tournaments basically means having the opportunity to win something important, without risking absolutely anything.

This is an excellent training ground for beginners: it is possible to accumulate experience even by playing virtual money, but often in this case the other players tend to rely completely on luck and play without obligation, precisely because there is nothing at stake.

In the freeroll the situation changes, because those who have good game skills tend to exploit them to the maximum and the less experienced have the opportunity to confront their opponents in a much more realistic context.

The characteristics of freeroll tournaments in poker room:

  • Poker rooms do not impose any limit on the number of freeroll tournaments in which a player can take part among the organized ones.
  • Some freeroll tournaments are accessible only to players who have certain requirements, for example a certain level in VIP status or a certain number of loyalty points. These "limited access" freeroll tournaments are prizes to thank the most active players.
  • Since they allow you to play poker free, freeroll tournaments are also usable to test new game methods or strategies just learned to which you are not used to it, instead of making it risking your money in the tables with buy-in or worse in the tables cash