Online poker is sure you choose the right poker rooms

The question that most users interested in online poker arises is: is playing online is safe? The answer, in USA, is: yes.

The best known poker rooms are managed by companies subjected to very severe checks both internationally and nationally as regards the security of transactions, the regular performance of the games and the verification and protection of the personal data of the players.

In order to offer legal paid online games, poker rooms or in any case the sites that propose these services must receive authorization from the state monopoly and receive AAMS approval (all poker rooms advertised on are legal in USA ). Playing in sites that do not have these authorizations (generally reported on homepage and linked to the AAMS site to be able to verify their authenticity) is not legal.

Honest game:

During the games, It is not possible to see the cards of the other players: The connection between the servers of the poker rooms and the users of users is encrypted through SSL channels (Secure Socket Layer) at least 128 bit. This is the same level of security of payments made through PayPal, just to give an example.

The distribution of cards in the hands is assigned to an RNG (Random Number Generator) software that generates such a high number of possible exchanges that the randomness of the cards is practically the same as that can be obtained by mixing a deck of real cards several times. In games where 52 cards are not enough to cover the players' requests, the discarded cards are mixed to create a new deck and the software makes sure that each player cannot receive what he has discarded previously.

Furthermore, Poker rooms cannot in any way actively intervene in the choices made randomly by the ARG.

As regards the collusion between players, or the agreement between multiple players aimed at comparing their cards and the fraudulent defeat of the opponents, it is good to clarify that all the most accredited poker rooms have created teams of experts who continually control it carrying out the hands and the use of chats in order to prevent illegal behavior.

Finally, we pay attention to the "bots", or programs that have the task of automatically playing hands on probabilistic and statistics bases. Poker room software are constantly updated and are able to realize if these programs are running on user PCs. The use of these software involves the immediate closure of its game account and, in particular cases, more punitive actions.

Transactions safety:

Even in the case of deposits and money withdrawals, all information on the network is encrypted via 128 -bit SSL socket. The risk level is extremely low. To be clear, deposit money in a poker room or buy online on the most famous websites is, at the safety level, exactly the same thing.

For users who still find it difficult to provide your credit card data, you can use alternative methods such as PayPal, bank transfers and Postapay cards on which to recharge the only amount you intend to deposit.

Personal data:

The information that users provide over time to poker rooms will never be disclosed to third parties, for no reason. The request for telephone numbers, identity documents and domestic users has the sole purpose of verifying the identity of customers, in order to ensure maximum regularity within the game environment.