The rules of Texas Hold'em poker, the most appreciated variant all over the world

Texan poker is certainly the most played and known poker variant in the world. Most tournaments and cash tables organized in poker room includes precisely this type of game, in tables by a maximum of 9 or 10 players.

For this it is necessary to know the rules and playing mechanics of Texas Hold'Em well (from which other variants such as the Omaha derive).

However, once this information is read, to download the software of a poker room for free and try directly to play (you can do it with virtual money, that is, free): experience is the only way to learn.
If you are not aware of it, you should also read what are the Scores in Texas Hold'Em poker.

So let's see what are the rules of Texas Hold'em and what is the complete performance of a game.

Hold'em Con the Senza Limit:

  • No Limit Hold'em (Without limit): no higher limit is imposed on episodes and relaunches.
  • Fixed Limit Hold'em (with a fixed limit): the episodes and relaunches have a maximum value linked to the stuntio. Only one episode and three relaunches are allowed.
  • Pot Limit Hold'em (with limit on the plate): the episodes and relaunches cannot be superior to the amount of the plate before the player's action.
  • Mixed Limit Hold'em: sub-varying of the previous ones.

The episodes in the dark:

At the beginning of the game, the Mazziere (or button) is selected arbitrarily between the players. The two players who are on the left of the button are obliged to make an "blind" episode, commonly called Blind. The first carries out the so -called darkness (or small blind), while the second the stuntio (or big blind). Although the value of the darkness is linked to the type of tournament in which it is participating, in any case the stuntio is the minimum episode that must be carried out during the hand.

At the end of each hand, the button moves an clockwise position, so that in turn all the players sitting at the table are forced to put the blinds on the plate. In addition, the value of the darkness is increased with the processing of the tournament.
Let's take an example: a Limit Hold'Em table $ 10/$ 20 implies the payment of a darkness equivalent to $ 5 and a stuntule worth $ 10.

The distribution of cards and pre-FLOP:

Following the compulsory episodes, two cards are assigned to each player, clockwise starting from those who are sitting to the left of the Mazziere. These cards are not visible from the opponents.

The first tour of episodes begins: the turn starts from the first player to the left of the great darkness and proceeds clockwise. The tour of episodes, like all the following, ends when you have one of the following situations: 1) all the remaining players at the table called the highest episode 2) all the players except one have fled (left their hand).

The flop:

At this point (after burning a card from the top of the deck) 3 face -to -face cards are distributed on the table. These cards are community, that is, usable by all players to tie their point. There is therefore another tour of episodes and the first to speak is the one who is on the left of the button ("Under the Gun" player), as will happen from now on.

Il turn:

The Mazziere (after burning a card) puts a fourth community card on the table. Follows the third round of episodes.

He river:

The Mazziere (after burning a card) puts the fifth and last community card on the table. The last tour of betting follows.

Lo Showdown:

At the end of the episodes, the players who have not left their hand show their cards and proceed to verify the highest point, which must be made up of a set of 5 cards on the 7 available.
At the end of the hand, the button moves a position to the left and proceed in the same way.