Try to "steal" the darkness of the opponents to increase the stack

  • Table type: tournament
  • Variant: No Limit Texas Hold'em
  • Strategy: put pressure on opponents with low stack
  • With what hands: all
  • When: intermediate phases, final phases
  • With which stack: large, larger than the average of the table

When we find ourselves in the intermediate or final stages of a tournament and we have accumulated a fairly large stack, it is possible to play in order to frighten the players with a medium-low number of chips and further increase our resources.

Many of the players who during a multi-tavol tournament manage to significantly increase their stack compared to that of the opponents at the table, often tend to "calm down", avoiding taking risks and sometimes not playing hands that should instead be played aggressively.

In principle this is wrong, as when we are moved to another table, we could find ourselves in the situation in which the other players have a higher stack and therefore becoming easy prey.
For this it would always be necessary try to increase the number of chips in our possession, especially if we are in a force position compared to our opponents.

The size of our stack not only allows us to take some risk, but above all to put pressure and frighten the opponents with a few chips, for which a wrong decision could mean a direct aclusion from the tournament.
One way to do this is relaunch from late position with any decent hand, especially if a player has already made a relaunch and the others have seen the episode.

Obviously our relaunch must be such as to put opponents in difficulty, or at least big enough to force someone to go all-in to see our episode. If we manage to fold the player who has relaunched, in most cases the others will also abandon their hand.
The idea behind this tactic is that the only player to have a potentially excellent hand is the one who first carried out the relaunch. If the others had had an exceptional hand, they would have in turn relaunched, instead of limiting themselves to making calls.

In the final stages of the tournament, when the darks are quite high, this strategy is functional even when there have been no bets and relaunches: Make a larger episode of the value of the dish, when players in the dark and stuntio position have medium-low stack, often translates into remaining the only player at the table and consequently stealing the darkness and ante episodes.
Even in the event that this does not happen, not everything would be lost: poor hands beat asso-re suited about a third of the time and even if an opponent won the dish, it would not be too hard for our stack.

Another aspect to be taken into consideration concerns the placements that allow you to receive a cash prize: when you enter the phase when the positions are all paid, being aggressive towards the weakest players means not only to increase the stack, but also to increase the Award received for the placement.