Differences between free or money game in poker rooms

Playing online poker does not necessarily involve investments in money. All the most famous poker rooms offer the opportunity to play for free, or with virtual money.

This means that the less experienced player, or in general those who want to try poker on the internet, have the opportunity to try their hand at poker tournaments without having to pay anything in the poker room account.

Virtual money tournaments still compete with the players connected to the poker room: this is not a simple video game, you are fighting against real opponents, exactly as happens in the game with real money.

However, losing in this kind of tournament causes a decrease in virtual bankroll, as well as winning prizes goes to increase it.
In this way it is possible to keep track of your activities and realize whether the type of attitude with which we present ourselves at the table is winning or not.

How to play free poker:

To start playing virtual money, just choose and download the software of one of the available poker rooms. After installing the software, you need to register for poker room and create a gaming account.

Una volta aperto il software della poker room ed inseriti i dati di autenticazione, è possibile scegliere i tornei per soldi finti aprendo la scheda "Tornei" o "Sit& Go" dalla lobby della poker room, dopodichè selezionare "Soldi Finti" o "Soldi Virtuali"

Not only to have fun, but to learn:

In recent years, poker has evolved from gambling to sport. As in all other sports, the results are not obtained instantly, but dedicating the right interest and above all training. An error that is commonly made by many new players is to "try their luck" without having any experience and without the will to learn.

In fact, there are many people who deposit a small sum of money in their gaming account, try to hurway their opponents without having the right knowledge and the right attitude and, following an inevitable defeat, lose interest in this game.

It is equally true that in virtual money games many players do not put commitment, risking too much or too little in the hands that would require another behavior, precisely because money belonging to their pockets are not at stake.

In our opinion, the best way to bear this possibility offered by the poker rooms is to play in a serious and precise way to the tables for virtual money, maintaining a constant attitude, so as to refine one's skills and realize the weak points to be strengthened.