Going all-in with low stack can turn upside down the outcome of a tournament

  • Table type: tournament
  • Variant: Texas Hold'em
  • Strategy: go all-in with low stack from favorable position
  • With what hands: any, couples, suite connectors
  • When: in the final stages, with high darkness
  • With which stack: lower than the average of the table

A risky move is better than a desperate game. Better to risk with an all-in-reasoned all-in, than to be "eaten by the dark".

When the stack is very reduced and the darks are high, understand what is the right time to go all-in can raise the fate of the tournament.

When we approach the final stages of a tournament, the darks are very high and it is not difficult, waiting for an excellent hand, seeing your stack reduced more and more because of the mandatory episodes that inevitably end up on the plate.
Just to avoid ending up in this rather frustrating situation, when the stack begins to reduce significantly, a good strategy is to make some reasoned all-in, especially if during the rest of the tournament we led a fairly conservative game.

A good general rule to realize when monetary resources begin to be scarce is to divide the value of their stack for the value of the counterbuio, or in other words, calculating how many times the chips available can cover the stuntio. When the result is less than 10, it's time to take some more risk.
However, it is also good practice to keep the opponents' stacks, because the same tactic can be adopted when you have a much less number of chips compared to other players.

Understand what is the right time to go all-in:

The ideal situation is the one in which you are the first to make an important decision, which happens when you are the first to speak or when the players who precede have not pointed or relaunched. In this way you are not forced to adapt to the games of the opponents.

In any case, it is absolutely necessary to avoid going all-in, unless you have a truly exceptional hand, when the previous opponents went all-in or aimed at a figure that would force us to bet the entire stack.

The position at the table, element to be kept in strong consideration:

The more we move towards the final positions (and above all that of the Mazziere) and the better. The reason is simple: the greater the number of players who leave the table before our turn, minors are the hands against which we have to deal with.

Ultimately, when the location is favorable and there was not much action at the table before our turn, it is a good tactic to go all-in with any couple, with any suite connector (cards in succession of the same seed) and with any hand that includes an ace.

So long as One of the main purposes of this strategy is to steal darkness, it is good practice to draw considerations on the stack of the players who have focused the blinds. When all the other players have left the table it is possible to go all-in practically with any hand, if the number of players' chips in the Small and Big Blind position does not reach double what we have available.

In this case, in fact, it is very unlikely that these players come to see our All-in, risking losing more than half of their stack, unless they have very good cards in their hands. And even if they decided to call the All-in, not everything would be lost: the flop, turn and River could still be to your advantage.

As for online poker, such a move, in the final stages of the tournament, can guarantee not only the survival of a player, but also earn positions and, consequently, win greater prizes.
One last note: this is a good strategy, but you don't have to abuse it.