How to get $ 15 free on SNAI without betting requirements

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Snai's online casino provides an "almost" bonus without deposit worth $ 15, without betting requirements. In fact, just make a payment of only $ 2 and follow a simple procedure to obtain $ 15 real to use in all games.

To get the $ 15 free to spend inside the Snai casino, just associate a credit card (also prepaid and postepay) with your gaming account, after registering. What does all this imply? Simply follow a procedure to check the property of the paper used.

So, In addition to obtaining a free 15 $ bonus, it is also possible to deposit on the account without manually enter the card data each time.

So let's see what is the procedure to follow to get the bonus, explained point by point. Recall that the Snai casino regulation provides for the assignment of the promotion only once. Players are free to associate the more credit cards with the account, but the bonus is paid only the first time and is therefore not cumulative.

  • First, you need to register through Snai's website to open a gaming account.
  • Make a payment of 2 $ by accessing the "Payments" section from the menu and choosing the option "associates a new credit or prepaid card".
  • Snai will proceed to make 4 withdrawals with a total value of $ 2. The first of $ 1, the other 3 with a total value of $ 1 (for example 0.20 $ + 0.20 $ + 0.80 $).
  • As soon as the credit institution makes the transactions available available, you need to check the value of the 3 withdrawals lower at $ 1 and switch to the next point.
  • Effettuare il login al casino SNAI e procedere come segue: Menù "Conto di gioco" > "Gestione Carta di Credito o Prepagata" > Verifica carta di credito inserita.
  • Insert the value of the 3 submission previously controlled.
  • Wait for the bonus to be accredited (a maximum of 7 days).

Two important notes:

  1. The $ 2 paid are immediately available on the Snai Card relating to the account and therefore available to be played.
  2. Throughout this procedure, it is possible to continue playing without any constraints, carry out withdrawals and deposits as well as winning the other available bonuses

At first glance this procedure may seem complicated, but once recorded the Snai casino website provides all the indications to complete it in a simple and guided way. With a little patience, It will be possible to play with a total of $ 17 having paid only $ 2.

We also remember that the free bonus of 15 $ is added to the $ 10 without deposit that can be obtained after registering At the Casino, at the 100% bonus on the first deposit and the loyalty program that allows you to obtain bonuses up to $ 1360 monthly based on the amount of the volume of betting generated. Recapitious, With a $ 2 deposit you can play with a total of $ 27 ($ 2 of deposits, $ 15 for free bonuses and $ 10 of no deposit bonuses).