From consumer protection to the innovative Snaitech system

Tuesday 8 March 2022

The president of the Game Supervision and Control Committee has proposed numerous changes to the regulation of the protection of online players, for resource management in step with the evolution of the sector and the ascent of the web.

Online game is an increasingly rising sector all over the world, It counts billions of users who connect from any support available. The protection of each user is the priority for large companies, who supervise the safety of each operation linked to the game phase, ensuring the player's return to the reference portal.

Enormous news come from Greece In this regard, with numerous control procedures that enter the online game system. Among the bodies in charge is the Eeep, the Game Supervision and Control Committee, an independent administrative authority responsible for regulatory, supervision and control of the games conducted in the Greek territory. It was established in 2004 and 2012 It was converted into independent administrative authority, with administrative and financial autonomy, also endowed with its own legal personality. It is made up of nine members appointed by the Minister of Finance, distinct for their scientific training and professional ability, with specific experience in matters of competence assigned to them.

It is precisely the president, Dimitrios Dzanatos, which presented to the special permanent commission for the institutions and transparency of the Greek Parliament The 2019-2020 reports, transmitted Post Pandemia in March 2021null In the report, the economic dimensions of the game sector in the two -year reference have been defined, underlining the undoubted tendencies to limit the game to physical points, with the increasingly evident rise of the onlinenull The highest manager has also drawn up a precise planning for the future, with the objectives to be achieved and the changes to be made to the existing but desuetic regulation.

Among the mission to be achieved for the members of the EEEP, there is the need to reduce the negative effects of gambling And above all, strengthen the supervision and control of the Committee.

The methods to ensure a safe game adopted by Snaitech

Snai For example, it makes use of the experience of the Snaitech group which, In synergy with the Customs and Monopolies Agency, he has the primary objective of ensuring players a legal and responsible game environment, regulated and monitored constantly in order to protect, in particular, minors and weak and sensitive bands compared to the problematic game. On the site and in the physical points, in fact, the principles of responsible, healthy game, practiced exclusively for pure fun are constantly reiterated.

Also on the Snai homepage, which is no coincidence that it was included among the Best Game Operators in USA, there are a series of tips for a protected and safe gaming experience, always operating in peace: from the level of data security, up to a game limit, to ensure that it does not become a pathological.

Even the Possibility to self -lock yourself from the game for a few months, so as not to make it compulsive and to benefit from it for a wider period of time. Finally, to understand if you unknowingly have problems with gambling, there is a self -assessment test to be completed: a few simple questions that act as a pre -selection for access to Snai.

Simple messages and regulations but which can profoundly change the way they manage their users online by companies. Risky, yes, but at the same time loyal and respectful.

Ntzanatos also proposed an approach completely to the protection of users, starting from a scientific approach that unites both the local and international experience available. In this, the role of the EEEP must be crucial: the most modern technologies available to replace the control procedures for websites and online casino with new, faster and more innovative procedures. The concreteness of the entities in charge will be needed, who will have to work in synergy and the great ambition to change the entire sector to improve it, always in favor and to protect users.