What are the max slots launched by Netent

Monday 25 January 2021

The Neten Max slots are characterized by diversified volatility, so that you can meet the needs of the needs of any type of player: from the least experienced, to players with experience that are looking for high winnings.

In a sector as competitive as it is that of online gaming, it is difficult to stand out from the mass. NetEnt She succeeded once again, enriching her game library, already very solid and appreciated. How? Introducing the line NetEnt MAX slot.

I give the nets on the ends of themes differ from traditional slot machines because they have Diversified options for novice players and more experienced players, have been released with a double format. The first double exit affected the slots:

  • Berryburst max
  • Berryburst Standard

With these two slot multi-flying, Nettend launched multi-plaid slot machines.

Essentially, the Max Netten slots are identical to their "non -max" sisters, sharing the same design, animation, atmosphere and gameplay of first -rate. The only difference lies in the fact that This new series of slots, in Max mode, allows much richer winnings and much higher payments.

Henrik Fagerlund, the Chief Product Officer of Netent, in this regard he expressed himself saying: "It is important for us to diversify the volatility of our games since we know that our partners require more flexible games that meet the different needs of the players and we are a supplier who listens to our customers and provides quality. We are sure that the Max versions will add another dimension to our already extremely popular portfolio and we are happy to increase the standard of playing experience for players".

What changes in the Max Netten slots compared to the original titles

Both versions of the game resemble each other. They have the same graphics, theme and the same symbols. But which they are then The main differences that Max Netten slots have?

Slightly lower RTP and less volatile gameplay in exchange for more substantial winnings. Currently, they are present in the Best Casino ADM Online 3 MAX slot firmate NetEnt:

  1. Berryburst E Berryburst Max
  2. Victorious MAX
  3. Secret of the Stones Max (in its updated version)

Why prefer the Max Slot series offered by Netent

If you appreciate the original version of the Nettend online slot online and look for a new adventure in ancient Rome, then we highly recommend trying the new Victorious Max online slot.

This new Netent slot is present in over half of the certified casino sites that we have reviewed. If you choose the max version, You can win up to 7,000 times your episode, with a lower frequency. While if you choose the classic version, the winnings are more frequent but are set at 1,500 times your total episode.

If instead you are a fan of the slot classica Berry Burst, where the maximum payment is set about 5,000 times the bet in the video Slot Berry Burst Max Netten you can get the bet up to 6,000 times In a single lap, exploiting the expanding Wilds and the Respins to increase the possible winning combinations.

Also in Secret of the Stones MAX There are very few differences from the previous version: the original title offered a maximum win of 2,500 times, while With the Max version you can reach up to 25,000 times.

Netten once again managed to displace the competition with a product worthy of testing. Thanks to their greater volatility The Max Netten slots adapt perfectly to high-rollers looking for a very high winning potential and that extra twist during the rollers.

For all the others, Netten offers a large catalog of online standard multifunction slot slots with very advantageous RTP.