Responsible game: the behaviors to be kept against the game

Tuesday 19 January 2021

With a view to greater awareness of users towards the game, we decided to create an infographic on the responsible game to make our active contribution on a topic of primary importance.

In USA there are currently about 25 million people who, in one way or another, took part in activities related to the game in general at least once. For most of these people, the game represents a pleasant and controlled activity that does not lead to any problem. On the contrary, a not negligible percentage of these individuals develops a problematic relationship with gambling, which can also be transformed into a real behavioral pathology. To date, the estimates speak of a percentage of players at risk between 1.2% and 3.7%. The average of the players who develop a pathology is about 1.4% of the total, a value that may appear to be insignificant, but which actually represents tens of thousands of people.

Since the effects of a pathology linked to gambling are united to those of any other type of dependence and may have very serious consequences on various aspects of life, we believe that the first and most important precaution to take is to adopt correct behaviors and attitudes towards this type of activity.

The infographic we made does not have direct medical support, but was produced using reliable sources and therefore represents the advice and commitment of In providing a valid starting point to understand what are the behaviors to avoid when you get closer to the game.

We authorize the use and sharing of this infographic by anyone who can consider it an added value for its users (only if in full form). We only ask for a mention of the original source and a short communication (through this form) on the use that is intended to do.

Our injury on the responsible game

We have divided our infographic on behavior towards the game in 6 different sections: each of them represents the two sides of the same behavioral aspect and highlights those that can be considered healthy approaches ("The straight route") and wrong approaches ("la la la la la la la la la la bad road "). All this, of course, to seem to be the reasons for which you can initially approach the gambling:

  • REASONS: Nobody should approach the game for wrong reasons, such as trying to recover debts, try to enrich themselves easily or as an escape route from unresolved problems. Do it only for the interest of finding some fun in a pastime to be considered as a recreational relaxation can lead to a pleasant experience by minimizing the risks (but not eliminating them completely).
  • Psycho-physical state: Like any other activity that entails a risk by definition, it is absolutely necessary that players are in the middle of their psycho-physical faculties to have a full understanding of all the aspects related to the subject. Depression, use of substances that can alter lucidity and emotionality and mood changes are all factors that increase the probability of developing problems with the game.
  • INFORMATION: Knowing and understanding what are the regulations, the chances of winning the various games and the conditions on the bonuses (in the online sector) is the basis of the conscious game. This allows not to fall into the temptation of fraudulent systems, deceptive or misleading advertisements and can prevent the heat of playing typical of those who are uninformed and unaware.
  • AWARENESS: consider the risks of the game in a rational way, keeping in mind the possibility of a loss, it allows not to judge the reality of the facts in an altered way, providing the tools for controlling their game activities. The belief of always winning and impulsiveness instead lead to a distorted vision of reality, which can lead straight to the loss of control.
  • CHECK: control is the discriminant between a "healthy" player and a compulsive player. Employment of limits, evaluate the losses suffered in a objective way and maintain the knowledge of the time dedicated to this activity represent vital behavior. Spending more than in charge, playing too long and feeling the need to continue playing in the hope of recovering any losses suffered are all behaviors that inevitably drag towards disastrous results.
  • RESULT: Taking the wrong road can lead to ruining life. There are no other words to say it. Social problems, ruined relationships with family and friends, lose the desire to live. The responsible game is what never becomes a priority. Never.

To conclude the discussion on Responsible game, we remember the absolute ban on playing for money for children under 18 and we always recommend, always, always playing with the headnull To those who felt the need for help, in addition to recommending to deal with the topic with any family member or friend, we offer a connection to resources relating to Responsible game/, in which to find the support of specialized personnel on the problem.