HD cameras, slow motion, professional direction: here is the immersive roulette

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Immersive Roulette is the new game developed by Evolution Gaming with the aim of bringing the realism and involvement of players to levels never achieved before. The immersive roulette tables have just arrived in the American gaming market and the first operator to make them available in his live mess is stairs.

The new roulette table dedicated to live game It makes use of the best technology available at the moment: 12 top deafnition cameras resume the game action at the roulette table with angles and details worthy of the direction of a film, allowing players to appreciate details impossible to capture even by playing in a real casino.

L'effetto slow motion of the immersive roulette just before the biglies stopped with the breath suspended and significantly increases the suspense. The beautiful presence of the live dealers adds that extra touch that represents the cycliegine on the cake.

The first operator with AAMS concession to offer this new live game was Starcasino, a brand that in recent times has completely revised the structure of the game service to try the climb to the top places in the legal gaming sector in USA. From the end of February this new generation live roulette is Also available in Casino 888.it.

Here is a video showing the technology of the new immersive roulette:

video placeholder

What changes with immersive roulette

The novelty of this live table mainly concerns the aspect related to entertainment and game graphics. The game modes remain practically the classic ones of the live mess: the players have an interface consisting of two sections available, that of the video in live streaming and the interactive one to place the episodes and manage the game.

Some new functions allow you to interact with the system through the chat, consult the historian of bets and sorties or see the movement of the previous gamesnull All without having to download any program on the PC.

For those who have already had the opportunity to try a live online room there will therefore be no substantial differences, while those who are curious to try for the first time will learn the game mechanisms in a few minutes.

Being a table dedicated to live mess you can only participate with real money, as by their nature the live rooms are not available in test mode (i.e. with virtual money). A real shame, because such a game would deserve to be technically appreciated even by those who do not want to bet money.

Even in terms of technical requirements there are few differences, a slightly faster connection will probably be needed compared to that requested for the other fixed camera tables, due to the HD qualities of the images transmitted for the immersive roulette.