The new changes in the game sector

Friday 4 March 2022

The game sector is affected by prospects of great changes: in particular, a new regulation is expected to meet the needs of a user increasingly looking for an Omnichannel offer.

The health crisis and the long restrictions adopted all over the world have The habits of gaming enthusiasts completely changed, opening the doors to new perspectives and changes. If the new customs have already been well rooted, as many transformations are around the corner ready to give a push to the whole sector, making it evolve further, making it increasingly attractive for a wide range of users.

The growth of digitization It is now a fact, as well as the propensity to online services that characterized the last two years. Starts from this double assumption Giuliano Guinci's report, New projects & institutional relations director di Entain, inserita nel Integrated report 2020 presented on February 15 by eurobet, ribs proper to the international group and between the Best online casinos Americans.

With the restrictions and the need to carry out operations seated comfortably on the sofa at home, both the prospects of the use and those of the purchase for users have changed, confirming the new habits even in less sedentary and restrictive periods. This led to the acceleration of two processes already in the sights of experts for some time:

  • the digitization of services and products
  • The transformation of retail with the growth of the online

As Guinci reports in its report, the world of game is also destined to become more and more a sector of entertainment based on the speed and interaction of the online. A natural selection will therefore derive from this: Companies and brands that will renew themselves, will be able to survive compared to competitors While those who remain behind and not in step, they will struggle to persist in the ruthless market.

The future prospects They therefore seem to join with a thin but well -resistant thread, online e retail of the game sector, with aOmnichannel offernull The user is placed at the center of the possibility of choosing the channel that can better cover the range of his needs and passions. At the same time, he will also have to update himself The regulation, communication and information of the game industryor. The role of the state will still remain central, together with the dealers who will deal with the application at the local level.

Time ago In fact, the total reorganization of the sector is awaited, expected in the coming months by the central administration: in the center the security theme Both for users and for the world of sport, in the case of bets. Then come into play A new formula of communication and information, to create an increasingly interactive and synergistic relationship between the parties in question and find solutions for the whole game industry.

Also eurobet, as well as Guinci in his report, together with the International Group Entain of which it is part, is ready to face the challenge of innovation with a new sustainable and ambitious strategy.