Recognize reliable mess and manage deposits and withdrawals safely.

The most important aspect when it comes to online casino undoubtedly concerns the security of games, players' data and money transactions that take place between the parties.

The number of online casino has grown considerably over the last few years, consequently to growing the interest of people all over the world towards this type of attitude.

All this brings a series of advantages for the player, which can choose between an increasing number of new games and take advantage of offers that follow one another at a tight pace. The negative aspect, on the other hand, concerns the possibility of encountered in not too serious companies, which use poor software, inadequate safety systems or delaying the winnings.

For this reason all the online casinos reviewed on this site have been selected following as the first requirement that of the security of the player from all points of view and in the following an explanation of why these online casinos can be considered absolutely safe and reliable, providing the Users the tools to understand when it is good to trust and when it is not.

Reliable online casino in USA, guaranteed by AAMS

In order to carry out the online casino activity or to manage bets in general, the companies and websites that want to operate on the American market in a legal way must receive approval from AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies).

This organism is, among other things, responsible for carrying out in -depth checks regarding all aspects related to betting management in USA and only to those who meet all the required requirements are the authorization and the relative license to exercise this type of activity online. All online casinos presented on received the necessary authorizations to the game and this means that:

  • The personal data of the players are stored safely And they are not shared with third parties, only the police excuses in extreme cases and linked to legal events. The anonymity of the players is therefore guaranteed.
  • All money transfers take place through safe channels And with the utmost transparency: at any time the players have the opportunity to check all the movements to and from the game account.
  • The randomness of games is ensured by strict control over software who manage the games, as well as on the games of the live casino with croupier in flesh and blood.
    The programs that automatically manage the games in online casinos are not directly controlled by the casino staff, the results of the matches cannot be changed manually, thanks to the presence of an RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm, which every second generates millions of possible Results for the game among which one is chosen.
    Also in this case, players are given the opportunity to view the historian of all the games played and all the amounts played and won.
  • The bonuses offered have clear and understandable conditions, unlike many other "off shore" online casinos that are not subjected to severe checks.

All online casinos who receive the authorization for the game must enter the AAMS logo on the pages of their site and exhibit the concession number. To verify the validity of this concession it is possible to search inside the ADM database (AAMS) a this address.

Transparent money deposits and withdrawals

Despite some rare exceptions, entrusting the data of your credit card (to other information for payments) to online casinos is an operation that is managed with an equal safety if not higher than payments in a real or online store.

In order to make money movements to and from the game account in an online casino (deposits and withdrawals), many methods are made to provisions, such as credit card and postepay, bank transfer, online payment systems such as Neteller and Paypal. The most common methods are those that allow instant payments, that is, those that allow you to start playing seconds after depositing.

Often when it comes to "online casino", "internet" and "credit cards" many people tend to take on an attitude of diffidence, due to the fraud that sometimes, and inevitably where money circulates, affect some users on the internet.

Series companies that combine millions of euros every year all over the world certainly do not have the intention or need to withdraw money from the account of a player without his authorization! Furthermore, the Ferrei Requirements required by AAMS for the regulation of the game in USA require the online casinos to provide players with a complete prospectus of all payments and withdrawals made from the moment of registration onwards, so that everything happens with maximum transparency null

As for the withdrawals of the winnings, these usually take place in times ranging from 1 to 5 working days depending on the method of payment chosen. Finally, remember that in general the movements of money concerning online casinos guarantee anonymity in the account extracts of the players.