Quick answers to the most common questions about online casinos

Below is a collection of the most common questions about online casinos, to whom it is often difficult to find a quick answer, especially for novice players.

The questions were divided into three categories, which concern the registration and installation of the casino software, the information on the bonuses and the movements of money and the use of the software and the casino games.

Recall that the information found on this page is of a generic nature and therefore we recommend reading the conditions of the casino for insights.

If you do not find answers to other questions in the FAQ list or want to ask for something on online casinos you can us, we will try to give you exhaustive answers and at the same time we will enrich the page with your contribution.

Questions and answers on registration and installation

What validity does the account open in an online casino?Although each online casino has different rules in this regard, in general the players' accounts do not have a deadline, if they are used at least once every few months. The money deposited and won remains on the permanent account.

Is it normal for the casino to request a copy of a document?Yes, it is a normal and mandatory practice for the managers of the casino, it aims to guarantee maximum safety for everyone. The documents of the documents will be kept without being shared with third parties.

If my antivirus detects a threat during the installation of the casino, how should I behave?If the online casino was chosen from those reviewed on us-gambling-near-you.com, you can continue in the installation safely as it is a false positive. All the brands presented here are subjected to checks on the quality and safety of the game software. Sharps it is good to inquire before proceeding.

The pc/tablet firewall asks to accept or refuse the connection to the casino server, what should I do?Precisely by definition the online casinos are based on the connection between the user's game device and the casino servers. If the connection is refused, it will be impossible to play. It is therefore necessary to accept the connection.

If the casino program from the PC I lose the account data uninstall?No, the accounts data remain active regardless of this. If the online casino program is reinstated later, you can access your account with the same credentials and everything will be the same as the last access made.

Questions and answers about bonuses, deposits and withdrawals

What amount needed to start playing?The minimum amount to make a payment is within everyone's reach and usually varies between $ 10 and $ 20.

Can I subscribe several times to the same online casino to get the same bonus several times?Absolutely not, it is prohibited by online casinos, as written clearly in terms and conditions. This action undoubtedly causes the expulsion of the player from the mess. In some cases, it is also forbidden to open more than one account per family.

What is the difference between "fun bonus" and "real bonus"?Real bonuses are usually offered to players following a deposit, while Fun Bonus are offered without making any deposit. Although it is in any case of an accreditation on the player's account, the episode requirements to be able to collect the winnings are different (see Casino bonus section).

Can I make multiple deposits to take advantage of all available bonuses?Certainly, but as each online casino offers several bonus packages, it is necessary to read the requirements for the mess in which you want to play.

Why can't I withdraw the money on mine that I just filed?Due to the anti-agricultural laws present in USA. In order to withdraw what is deposited, it is necessary to make a volume of betting which is equivalent to the deposit carried out. Example, if deposit $ 100, in order to be able to take the money on the betting account for a total of $ 100.

Responses to the FAQs on the Casino program and on the games

What are the consequences of a disconnection during a game session?Absolutely none. When you enter your game account again you can resume the game without consequences. If the result of the truncated game was winning, you will find the amount of the winnings accredited to the amount on the account. NOTA: in the new games of the Netten platform, a malfunction guarantees the return of the balance available at the time of the last game, but the play ongoing He is lost (if you have $ 20 in the session and you are making a game of 50 cents, in case of errors you will only have the $ 20).

Are there safe methods to win in online casinos?No, they don't exist. There are mathematical systems that are based on probabilistic study to try to maximize the chances of winning, but there are no safe methods. Those who propose insured winnings are a liar: if it were possible to burn the mess in a certain way ... the mess would have no reason to exist. The best allies of a player are luck, a good game method and control over their emotions

Is there a way to try the games without making a deposit?Yes, in most online casinos. Often the player is often given to choose at the time of registration whether to create an account with "virtual money", which can be converted to an account with real money at any time. In other casino instead, the opening of an account is required With real money, but small welcome bonuses are offered to be able to test games.

Who should I if I have doubts or problems?Each online casino offers a assistance service and support to active players every day, to which it is possible to resort by phone, email or chat, for any information do not hesitate to the operators of the casino where you are playing or want to play.