Passo-step procedure for the installation of the Casino program on the PC

When you want to play in an online casino, the first step is to choose between a mess with download and one without download. Below are all the instructions to install the version with download of online casino on your PC.

Most online casinos are available both in Vesrione with download and without, the first available for all users who have a Windows PC, the second for all other users.

Online casinos with downloads need more time for installation of the program on the PC, but guarantee greater speed and greater fluidity; The version without download allows you to play almost immediately at the expense of graphic beauty, fluidity and sometimes of the number of games available.

Since installing the casino software on your PC does not involve any risk (guaranteed for online casinos on this site), we recommend where possible to choose the version of the online casino with download. The following guide takes the online casino as an example, but the same procedure is also valid for all other online casinos.

Instructions to download and install online casinos

1) First you have to access the online casino website. (You can follow one of the links provided on this site on the menu on the right).

2) click on the download button (always clearly visible).

All the virtual rooms that provide a program to be installed, put a download button in a clearly visible way inside the pages of their site. Just click to download the program.

If the dialog box appears, click on "Perform" and wait for the deadline of the operation.

ATTENTION: S Second of the browser settings used (for example Chrome) it is possible that the installation file of the casino will be automatically saved in the "C: \ Users \ Name_UTUTO \ downloads" folder.
In this case, open it with a double click.

3) If the security notice is displayed, press "Perform".

This window serves to notify the user that you are about to run a file from the network. Since the software is not harmful, you can perform the program safely.

4) At this point wait for the download of the files.

During downloading files to the user, no action is required. Just wait for the end of the operation.

5) The actual installation of the casino begins. Accept the terms and conditions and select "Install".

ATTENTION: if you have installed a firewall on the PC, this is possible that this requires to allow the connection with the online casino server or not. In order for everything to proceed in the correct way it is necessary to consent to all requests.

After reading the terms and conditions, the user can change the installation options as for all other programs. If you do not have experience in this regard, leave everything as already set.

6) After finishing the installation, we move on to the registration and creation of the game account.

During the registration procedure various data are required to the user. Registration is essential so that the casino can offer a reliable and safe service, protecting the identities of the players from possible fraud attempts.

7) First access to the mess to start playing.

If the casino program does not open automatically, just double click on the icon that has been placed on the desktop. To make the first deposit, follow the signs in the lobby.

8) At this point all the procedures are concluded and it is therefore possible to play every time you want by opening the casino program.

It should be remembered that every time the player ends the game and decides to close the application of the mess, his account is no longer touched until the next access.
This means that it is possible to play at different times or turn off the PC without any consequence.

If you have difficulties in installation of the casino software, you can us by explaining the problem, we will try to help you faster possible.