What they are, how they work and how you can play online casinos: the bases of the game

The following guide aims to highlight the most important aspects of online casinos and to provide, in a few minutes of reading, all the essential information to start playing by having a clear idea of the direction in which to take the first steps.

Our online casino guide is divided into categories that examine different aspects that can be obscure to newbies of this type of online entertainment. The aim is to make reading simple by accompanying users step by step starting from the opening of a new gaming account.

The information provided is valid in principle for all online casinos, but each game site can present peculiarities that are shown in the Reviews sectionnull However, we invite users to view the terms and conditions directly on the casino website at the time of registration.

Register and open a gaming account in an online casino

In order to play in an online casino you need to open a gaming account first.

This operation is carried out after downloading and installing the online casino program (see Installation guide), or directly on the manager's website if it is a messless casino.

In any case, your personal data will be requested from the player: it is therefore necessary to have an e-mail address of which you remember the access data, an identity document and the tax code.

It is very important to provide correct data: in the event that they are not true, any winnings would not be paid to the player! The information on the player collected at this stage aims to guarantee maximum security for both sides and will be preserved safely without ever being disclosed to third parties.

American law also imposes that within one month of registration, the player send by e-mail, fax or post-copy of the identity document.

Carry out the first deposit

The step following the registration of the player is to make a money deposit in the newly opened game account. (If the mess allows this game mode, you can play with virtual money immediately).

Each online casino adopts a slightly different terminology, but the indications on how to make a deposit (or recharge) are always clear and clearly visible. The methods available to make a deposit are always many: credit card (also Postepay) and online payment services, with which the money is immediately available on the player's account, or bank transfers and other methods with which the money will be Available after a few days.

The minimum amount for a deposit varies generally between $ 10 and $ 20, the maximum amount has a very high limit that varies from casino to casino.

When the player makes a deposit, the amount of the deposit and the data necessary depending on the payment method chosen are requested. The money taken from the casino will correspond exactly to the amount chosen by the player, without any fee or further deducted.

Depending on the method chosen, the money will be transferred in a few seconds to the gaming account. At any time it will be possible to view a historian of all the deposits made over time.

Choose if and how to use the bonus

Practically all online casinos offer new subscribers a cash bonus, almost always associated with the first deposit.

In practice, it is a question of receiving an amount higher than that deposited on the gaming account: if for example a bonus on the first deposit of 100% up to $ 100 is provided and a player deposits $ 50 on his game account will be available $ 50 + (100% of $ 50) = 100 $, if instead deposits $ 100 will be available $ 200. The amount of the bonus can be in all respects used to play in all the games offered by the online casino ..

In the online casinos Aams the credit of the bonus offered does not influence in any way the possibility of withdrawing the amount paid: it is therefore a real credit to the game account. However, there are betting constraints to be able to withdraw what is won using the bonus: the players are in fact required to make a certain overall game volume in the various games to be able to carry out the withdrawal of this sum (for more information, please refer to the Bonus section).

In some online casinos to request the bonus it is necessary to enter a "bonus code" at the time of the deposit (provided on this site or on the online casino sites), in other casino instead the bonus is automatically credited.

It is always possible not to accept the bonus and not have so constraints on the samples of the winnings: to do this, just insert any promotional code at the time of deposits or, in the case of automatic credits, the assistance of the online casino and unite the refusal of the bonus offered.

Ready to start playing!

After opening an account, having made a deposit and chosen whether or not to accept the bonus, everything is ready to start playing

When choosing the game, the player is often requested with what amount, compared to the total available on the account, you want to start the game. Otherwise, all the amount will be available for the game.

All that remains is to do anything but choose the amount of the episodes and start having fun! Visit the online casino section to start playing immediately on the game site you prefer.