The terminology used in online casinos explained clearly and simplely.

Knowing the terminology used in online casinos (and in general in the game activity) is very important.

Some terms used can confuse players and therefore put them in difficulty. provides a simple but complete glossary of the most used terms in the mess, providing for each one a short but explanatory definition.

The glossary includes both the generic terms regarding casinos and the most specific terms that concern games, such as poker, blackjack and slot machines.
The terms that are used indifferently in American and English are reported in both languages.

For those who are at the first experiences in this sector a few minutes of reading is a good investment: the terminology used in the world of online casino is not always simple and misunderstandings can lead the players to erroneously evaluating factors that instead cover a fundamental importance null

The glossary of the terms of the casino and the online game

AAMS: Autonomous Administration Monopolies of State, is the organization that deals with controlling and authorizing the game in USA.

All-in: In poker, it indicates the action of pointing all the fiches left to a player.

Insurance (Insurance): In some card games, it indicates a non -mandatory episode (Side Bet).

Baccarat: type of board game that does not require skills in which 6 or 8 decks of cards are used.

Bankroll: the total amount available to be played. In online casinos it represents the amount of money on the gaming account.

Banned ("Banned"): permanent exclusion of a player from the game's activity.

BINGO: Premiums in which the purpose of which is to fill a numerical table with the draws drawn.

BlackJack: very famous card game whose purpose is to reach 21 by adding the cards received from the counter. Read the rules of Blackjack.

Blind Bet (Blind episode): episode made before having looked at her hand of cards.

bonus: an accreditation of money offered by the online casino to reward new customers and gratify the more faithful ones, often subject to some constraints of use.

Bui (Blinds): mandatory poker episodes that take place before the distribution of cards in each hand.

Buy-In: in poker, indicates the amount required to be able to take part in a game or tournament.

Caribbean Stud Poker: a variant of poker.

casino Live: service offered by many online casinos that allows you to play at the table with a meat and bones croupier and true cards atraverse the use of the casino software and a webcam positioned above the game table.

Call (Call): In poker, it indicates the action to match the current episode.

Chips (fiches): tokens used as a form of payment in the mess. In online casinos you can use options of different amounts to make a bet. The amount of the episode is subtracted from the game account.

Craps: type of board game that is based on the dice launch.

CroPArs (Dealer): person representing the counter in some games, manages the episodes, provides information on the game in progress and distributes the cards.

Storage area: Make a payment in the game account of the online casino to be able to place bets.

Double or Nothing (Double or nothing): type of bet in which the amount paid has doubled in the event of a win.

Flat Betting: game method in which all the episodes remain of the same amount during the game.

Cards: See chips.

High Roller (Great player): It is said of a player who is used to making very high episodes.

Hit: indicates the action to ask for another card in the Blackjack game.

Jackpot: a great prize assisted, usually in slot machines.

Jacks or better: Relating to videopoker, indicates a type of game in which the winnings are paid for combinations equal to or higher than a jack pair.

Lobby (of the casino): interface through which to choose a game in an online casino. In practice, the page displayed when accessing the Casino software and from which you can access the games, settings and account options.

Payment line (Payline): A line on which the winnings in slots machines are paid when more symbols are found above. There are multiline slot machines.

Martingale: betting system that provides for the doubling of the previous episode in the event of loss until the moment you get a win.

Multi-Player Casino: function offered by some online casino where you can play at the table with other players (or against them).

Odds: the chances of winning in a certain game or in a hand of poker.

Payout: indicates the percentage of payment in an online casino or in a game. The average payout is approximately 98%, which means that for every $ 100 that are bet by all players in a mess, $ 98 are distributed in winnings.

Withdrawal: In online casinos indicates the withdrawal of money from the game account, that is, the withdrawal of winnings by a player.

Playthrough: indicates a game volume necessary to be able to withdraw the bonuses offered by the mess, or the total betting that a player must carry out in order to withdraw the bonus regardless of the fact that he obtains winnings or losses. More information on Playthrough.

RNG: Random Number Generator, it is an algorithm that has the task of guaranteeing the randomness of the results in online casino games.

Recharge: See deposit.

Skill Game: game of skill, indicates a type of game in which luck is necessary a certain skill to obtain a win.

Advantage of the counter (Casino Advantage): indicates the percentage of the probability of the bench victory in the games.

Video Poker: interactive games based on the rules of poker, in which, however, you do not play against other opponents or against the counter, but you win according to the quality of the point that you can make. No skills in poker game are needed except the knowledge of scores.

Wild (Wild): Generically it indicates a symbol that replaces all the others, that is, a joker. In the Slot Machines the Wild symbols take on the value of the symbol found on its left.