Has your account in an AAMS casino closed? What is happening?

Many users ask us for information about the problem of game accounts blocked by online casinos. In the following we try to make some clarity on what the causes and possible solutions can be, analyzing the situations that can occur more frequently.

Has your gaming account been blocked or suspended? Maybe after getting a win and requesting a withdrawal?

Unfortunately it is a situation that can occur for various reasons, but if you have not deliberately attempted to "fool" the casino, there is always the opportunity to solve the problem. What we are going to describe in the following of this guide is valid for AAMS authorized online gaming sites, but not necessarily for the so -called Casino ".com" currently illegal in USA (and free to "be good and bad weather")) null

Cases of game accounts are frequent closed by unauthorized operators, without a real and valid motivation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to act in any way. Therefore, our Council remains to always choose legal operators, authorized by the Monopoly Administration to operate in USA.

Below we indicate the safest and most reliable, which also offer you real bonuses to registration without the obligation of a first deposit!

The possible reasons for the blockade

In general, the account of a player is blocked when a safety control is necessary and when the casino system detects a possible irregularities or an infringement of the terms and conditions that regulate the game contract with the user. The most common cases are four:

  • The identity document was not sent in useful times
  • You have requested a withdrawal of a certain entity
  • More accounts have been used or used by the same PC or IP address
  • You missed the access password too many times

The first case occurs when the user does not send a copy of a valid identity document within 30 days of registration, a mandatory operation for safety reasons.

In the second case, the staff of the game site may request a more in -depth examination of the player's personal data, before proceeding with paying the winnings.

The third case is a little more complex, because there are several reasons why the software at the base of the casino can detect a possible infringement. Did one of your acquaintances used the same PC to play in the same mess? Have you bet from an internet point? Is your network protected or is used by multiple individuals? These are all possible causes.

Finally, it is possible that the account has been suspended because the access password has not been correctly inserted a number of times.

If, on the other hand, you deliberately opened multiple game accounts, with the same name or different names, to obtain the bonuses several times the situation becomes much more complexnull The casino do not look successfully those who work in bad faith and try to get a bonus several times when it is expressly prohibited by the regulation is always considered incorrect behavior. On this point all the game sites are decidedly severe.

What to do to find a solution

When a gaming account is blocked, the user is usually ed through the email provided during registration and the details on the problem encountered are provided. If you haven't done so, take a look at your mailbox, also in the "spam" section, because these messages are often detected as unwanted advertising.

If you have not received any communication in this regard, the first step is that of go to the Casino website and assistance via email or chat, providing your account username, your name and the information you think may be useful. Depending on the "quality" of the game site, the answers may be immediate or can be followed even for 48 hours.

In any case, let's see what are the solutions to the 4 main cases previously seen:

  1. Just request the player to support the email address to which to send a copy of the document and proceed with the sending. The times for reactivation should be contained over 24 hours.
  2. Before starting the procedure for paying large sums, additional safety control is often requested. In some cases it will be a matter of sending a photo of a domestic users to check your data, in other cases the requests may be different.
  3. Most likely the staff will ask you to demonstrate your good faith (asking you for information on the game modes, for example if you have used the account from an internet point) and in some cases to send a photo that shows your face and your document null
  4. You can the assistance of the casino via email or chat directly from the site and explain that you have made a wrong password several times because you didn't remember it. The operator will indicate how to continue in the procedure for reactivating and/or change of password.

If you have always acted in good faith, don't worry too much. Online casinos with AAMS license must respect rules of conduct towards users: money cannot disappear without valid reasons. In most cases it is enough to have a little patience to solve everything. If, on the other hand, you think you have suffered a fraud, you can make a complaint directly to AAMS at the email address: [email protected].