Review of the Slot Machine World Football Stars

The best of World Football Stars

  • Choice of the symbols of the two teams in the game
  • Winnings also paid from right to left
  • Up to 10 free spin with Wild Multiplier
  • Bonus game with top player stickers

Pro & cons

  • Choice of symbols
  • Game bonus and free play
  • Pleasant news
  • No jackpot


  • Graphics and audio 7
  • Bonus/Freespins 8
  • Special functions 9
  • Total 8

Synthetic comment

Top Trumps World Football Stars is a slot machine dedicated to great football played by the best players in the world and the best national teams.

The peculiarity of this slot machine concerns the possibility of choosing, at the opening of the game, the two teams that will compete on the game "field". Depending on the chosen teams, in fact, the symbols that represent the most famous players of the national teams are changed.

But it does not end here: the symbols of the two chosen teams pay the winnings in opposite verses, just as if it were a real football match! In addition, free turns are offered and a bonus game that assigns cash prizes.

Opinion and features of the World Football Stars slot

Top Trumps World Football Stars is a 15 -lines of game slot machine, which can be activated to taste from the player. At the beginning of the game the player is asked to choose 2 teams, one on the left side of the screen and one on the right side.

The winning combinations are made respectively from left to right and right to left for the symbols corresponding to the chosen teams.

Bonus Wall of Fame Game

When the bonus symbols on wheels 1 and 5 appear simultaneously, the bonus game starts, which allows you to win cash prizes by choosing 3 figurines on the 16 available of the best players of all time.

Free turns

10 free spins can be obtained when they appear in any position on the rollers 3 or more scatter symbols. In addition to the immediate win, during the free laps, the Jolly multiplies 4 times the winnings made.

Doubled game

Whenever the player makes a win, he can choose whether to collect it or try to double or a means doubling by means of a very simple mini-game based on the cards (in practice, the player must choose the highest card among those covered ones present on the table).

Images of the Top Trumps World Football Stars slot

The bonus game to get the free spin and a part of the payments table.

More information on the World Football Stars slot

How to play and what are the limits of winning and betting

It is played with the account amount: In this slot machine the credits present in the player's account are not converted into tokens.

The game commands: the "Gettoni Value" and "Episode for Line" buttons are used to choose the amount of the episode, the "Lines" button to choose the number of active lines. The total episode is displayed in the "Total episodes" box

"Turn" starts a lap of slot machines with settings settings, "maximum episode" starts a lap of slot by increasing the number of active lines to 15 without changing the other parameters, "autostart" allows you to set a certain number of turns to be carried out automatically without having to click each time.

"Info" allows you to consult all the possible winning combinations and read the rules of the slot machine, while "doubled" allows you to try doubling (or the doubling vehicle) after obtaining a cash win.

Winning and betting limits: The episodes can vary from 0.01 $ to 750 $.
The maximum win is 10,000 times the line episode.