Review of the Slot Machine The Avengers

The best of the Slot The Avengers

  • 4 different modes for unlimited free spins
  • 4 Progressive Jackpots of the Marvel Slot
  • One of the best playtech slots ever
  • Excellent graphics and funny bonus game
Prova la slot The Avengers

Pro & cons

  • All combinations pay a lot
  • Multipliers and enhancement for free laps
  • "Avengers Assemble" function


  • Graphics and audio 9
  • Bonus/Freespins 10
  • Special functions 8
  • Total 9

Synthetic comment

The Avengers is the brand new Marvel slot produced by Playtech, whose strength is the game that gives potentially unlimited free play with 4 different functions.

In addition to a graphics at the highest levels, like all the new Playtech slots, The Avengers combines the great jackpots typical of all Marvel games with a very fun and rich type of free spin. If the bonus game is activated, you can win 9 free games at a time, having 4 modes available with different characteristics: scattered Wild, multiplier and rully joker in different combinations. The "Avengers Assemble" function also winks with combinations of different symbols.

Opinion and features of the Slot The Avengers

The Avengers is a 20 lines and 5 roller slot machine, with a classic game structure and similar to that of all the other Slot Playtech and Marvel.

One of the greatest qualities is that All combinations pay well: There are no low value symbols and most of the combinations of 3 symbols pays at least how much bet. The five are truly rich and remunerative.

Free spins with the "Wall of Heroes" game

The game that gives free spin is activated when at least 3 "The Avengers" bonus symbols appear on the rollers. In addition to an immediate winning that varies according to the amount bet, a game starts (visible in the image below) in which you have to choose some boxes inside a grid.

Under the covered boxes the symbols of 4 Marvel heroes and the Loki symbols may be present, which end the bonus game. At the first access, the Loki symbol is not present, therefore At least 9 free laps are won When you discover 3 equal symbols. The special functions associated with free games depends on the selected hero:

  • Hulk: 9 free laps during which the full central roller works by Wild, activating winnings on multiple lines simultaneously.
  • Iron Man: 9 free spin with extra wild symbol positioned in the center of the slot, the first 3 with 1x multiplier, from 3rd to 6th with 2x multiplier, the last 3 with tripled winnings.
  • Capitan America: 9 free games with multipliers vary from 2x to 5x, randomly drawn before the start.
  • Thor: 9 free laps during which one or more Wild symbols scattered on rollers can be present randomly.

At the end of the 9 laps, the winnings are added to the player's account and the grid appears again with all the covered boxes. The free spin game ends only when the player discovers the symbol of Loki.

During our tests with real money in the Slot The Avengers, we got access to the free spin several times, obtaining In most cases 18 or 27 played. In one case we have even obtained 45, in a few others only 9.

The Avengers Assemble function

The Avenger Assemble function allows you to obtain a winning combination in the Avengers slot even when different symbols are found on an active win line.
In particular, every time the 5 Hulk heroes, Captain America, Thor, Ironman and Nick Fury appear in any order on an active line, the win is 10 times the total episode made!

Images of the Slot The Avengers

Some images of the bonus game that gives free laps.

More information on the Avengers slot

How to play and what are the limits of winning and betting

It is played directly with the money on the account: Being a playtech slot, it is played using money directly, without conversions in chips or tokens.

The game commands: The control panel under place under the rollers of the slot allow you to choose the number of lines to be activated and the value of the episode per line. The resulting total episode is shown in the central box.

The "Info" button shows all the functions and characteristics of the Slot The Avengers, as well as the payments table and instructions for the free spin game.

The automatic game controls allow you to set a number of laps that start alone, without the player having to click with the mouse every time.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum win depends on the value of progressive jackpots, for individual combinations it is 10,000 times the scheduled episode, 50,000 times during the laps for free.
The minimum and maximum episodes are respectively 0.01 $ and 500 $