For slot machines strategies count little, but some tricks and advice are comfortable

The slot machines represent the simplest type of game of the mess, but some terms of common use and used in all slots can be unclear to those who have no experience in this regard.

Although it is not strictly necessary to know all the terms that describe the functions and peculiarities of the slot machines, it is certainly useful to be able to understand the potential of a given game and the functions offered, in order to make a choice as close to their preferences as possible And significantly improve the gaming experience.

So let's see what are the most common and important terms regarding the slot machines, let's find out what the free laps are, what is the function of some special symbols and what is the role of the multipliers of the winnings.

The most used terms in the world of slot machines

A mini-meeting of the terms on slot machines: a solid base to understand the differences between the various games in the mess.

I rolies

They represent the columns of the slot machine, or the wheels that turn vertically.
Most slot machines consist of a number of rollers varies from 3 to 5 containing 1 or 3 symbols.

Winning lines

Lines on which it is possible to bet and create the winning combinations.
Each slot has a different number of lines, which varies from 1 to 50. Some slots allow the player to choose the number of lines to be activated for each play, others have a number of fixed lines.

Some latest generation slots are not equipped with real winning lines: the combinations are paid if the same symbols appear on adjacent rollers, regardless of their position (in practice 243 winning lines).

Free spins (giri gratis)

It is a number of laps that are made without the player being climbed by the credit account. All winnings are credited to the player's account at the end of the laps. You can win by creating particular combinations of the rollers or as a bonus offered by the mess.
When the free spin starts, the amount of the bet that is taken into consideration is equal to that used in the game that generated the winning of the free laps.


They indicate a low number of free rpm (usually 1 to 3) activated in a particular situation, as a symbol present in a certain game box. In the most modern slots with advanced functions, re-Spins can also occur during normal games, when for example they symbolize that create a winning combination are eliminated to give way to new symbols, until there are no more combinations to pay.

"Scatter" symbols

Symbols that positioned at certain points on the winning lines or rollers start special games or free spins. The peculiarities of the Scatter symbols are two: they do not contribute to closing any combination and generally their function is also activated outside the active winning lines.

Simboli "Wild" (Jolly)

Symbols that have the Jolly function, take on the value of the previous symbol on the winning line to close a winning combination.

Winning multiplier

In some cases multipliers are activated which, as the name says, have the property of multiplying all the winnings obtained in one or more laps of the slot machine for a certain value. Multipliers can be activated in the most diverse ways and each slot machine has a different regulation in this regard.