Great Progressive Jackpot and 4 Bonus Games on Spamalot!

The best of the spamalot slot

  • Progressive jackpot over 1 million euros
  • According to Jackpot of minor amount
  • 4 bonus games that are activated in succession
  • Theme dedicated to King Arthur and his knights

Pro & cons

  • Two very high jackpots
  • Playtech software and 4 bonus games
  • Bonus games not active in the free spin


  • Graphics and audio 7
  • Bonus/Freespins 10
  • Special functions 8
  • Total 8

Synthetic comment

Monty Python's Spamalot is a latest generation slot machine that resumes the theme of King Arthur and his knights in a comic key. The game has not only a very high progressive jackpot, but also the beauty of 4 bonus games that can be activated during the games.

The Spamalot slot machine is configured as a standard 5 roller slot and 20 winning lines, very simple to use, but available exclusively for the Titanbet mess both for real money and in fake money test mode.

In addition to the well -known scatter symbols that give free laps, Spamalot presents a rotation bonus games system: the bonus games available are 4 and every time the player gets the bonus symbols on the rollers 1 and 5, a different game is started until you return At the first once the rotation is finished.

Spamalot's opinion and features

Spamalot is a 20 lines and 5 roller slot machine, in which the player can choose the value of the line episode and the number of lines to focus on.

The progressive jackpot value is always updated in real time and is displayed in the upper part of the slot. To access the bonus game that walks the progressive jackpot you must align 5 jackpot symbols on an active line.
The theoretical RTP for Spamalot is 93.99%.

I free spin

10 free laps are obtained when 3 or more symbols run in any position on the rollers appear. During the free laps it is not possible to obtain other free spins and access the bonus games.

Bonus games

There are 4 bonus games, which are activated in succession every time you get the bonus symbols in any position on the rollers 1 and 5.
Let's see what are the bonus games in order of apparition:

  • Storm the Castle: The player must choose to place 4 knights in strategic positions to avoid being affected by the cow that is launched by the castle. The game continues until the cow hits the knights.
  • None Shall Pass: The player must attack a knight, trying to hit him. The game starts with a 5x multiplier: every time a blow goes by you have a win, when you go into empty the multiplier drops. At the end of the game the winnings are multiplied by the residual multiplier.
  • Knight Who Say Ni: The player must help 5 knights to choose a house in a grove. Every time you choose a house that contains a win, the player must choose whether to keep the amount obtained or continue and risk winning.
  • Killer Rabbit: The player must choose a rock on which to launch a grenade to kill the killer rabbit. First he manages to copy it and the greater the winnings he realizes.

The Jolly symbol

The Jolly symbol replaces all the other symbols on the winning lines, except for the Scatters and bonuses.

Spamalot slot images

The game screen and one of the 4 bonus games.

More information on the spamalot slot

How to play spamalot and what are the winning and bet limits

It is played with the credit credit: During the spamalot games it is not necessary to carry out any conversion of money into game coins. You can bet directly using the money available on the account.

The game commands: The slot button follows the classic structure seen for all the other slots and does not have peculiarities for the game commands.

First, you choose the number of lines to focus on, through the interface below. At the beginning of the game, all 20 lines are selected.
The value of the episode by line is then chosen. The total bet is calculated as the line episode multiplied by the number of lines (e.g. 0.5 $ on 20 lines = 10 $ in total).

Winning and betting limits: The maximum win depends on the value of the progressive jackpot.
The episodes range from a minimum of 1 cent of euro to a maximum greater than $ 100.