Review della slot machine Secret of the Stones

La Slot Secret of the Stones in breve

  • Up to 38 rpm free with Scatter symbols
  • Extra Wild symbols and wild rollers in the free spin
  • Winning multipliers up to 8 times
  • Very well -kept fantasy theme design

Pro & cons

  • Up to 38 free spin with Extra Wild
  • Winning multipliers
  • Neten game with excellent graphics
  • A real bonus game is missing


  • Graphics and audio 9
  • Bonus/Freespins 10
  • Special functions 8
  • Total 9

Synthetic comment

Secret of the Stones reveals the ancient Mysteries of the Druids with a beautiful graphic realization and the possibility of obtaining "enhanced" Free Spin with many functions.

The slot machine has a classic 25 -episode classic game structure and is simple to play. For the episodes, the tokens are used and the possible amounts are variable, from a few cents up to a maximum of 125 $.

What makes the Slot Machine Secret of the Stones is particularly interesting is the function of free games, which allows access to a series of "enhancement" such as multipliers of the winnings, additional free spins, additional Wild symbols or entire rollers with Jolly function.

Opinion and characteristics of Secret of the Stones

The goal of the player in Secret of the Stones should be to gain access to free games, because it is precisely with the free spin that the chances of winning increase considerably.

In addition, with the new "max" functionality, you can choose whether to be more likely to obtain winnings of lower amount, or a lower probability of obtaining winnings of higher amount.

I giri free

In Secret of the Stones it is possible to start the free laps obtaining 3 or more symbols Scatter in any position on the rollers. 10 free laps are initially obtained, which can be enhanced by participating in a simple bonus game in which the player must choose a certain number of stones under which the prizes are born.

Note: During the free spin, it is not possible to win others, because the bonus game cannot be started again.

The number of selectable stones and therefore also the number of "upgrade" that can be obtained is the same as the number of scatter symbols that have started free games. In addition to the 10 initial free spins, you can win:

  • Another 28 free laps, for a total of 38!
  • Winning multipliers up to 8 times, adding 1x or 2x multipliers.
  • Additional Wild symbols: It is possible to transform up to 2 play symbols into Symboly Wild, thus having 3 Jolly symbols available in total.
  • Whole rollers with Fuznione Wild: it is possible to transform rollers 2 and 4 into joker columns throughout the duration of the free spin.

Images of the Slot Secret of the Stones

Free spin and bonus game.

Other information on the Secret of the Stones slot

How to play Secret of the Stones and what are the limits of winning and betting

It is played with the tokens, out of 25 lines: In this slot machine the credits present in the player account are converted into tokens.
The number of activated lines ranges from 1 to 25.

The game commands: To play, you must first choose the betting amount. This can be done by selecting the "level", that is, the number of tokens and the "value" of the tokens. Remember that the total bet must be multiplied by the number of active lines.
But don't worry, for each change to these values you will see the meter of the total amount for the next play update.
The large central button starts the slot machine with the chosen settings.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum win is 350,000 tokens.
The minimum bet is $ 0.01, the maximum one of $ 125.