Review of the Playboy Slot Microgaming

The best of the playboy slot machine

  • 243 ways of winning the classic lines instead
  • 4 bonus mode give up to 25 free spin
  • Storage results between different games
  • Microgaming game, official Playboy license

Pro & cons

  • Mode for interesting free spins
  • WINS WITH WILD doubled
  • Graphics a bit sparse
  • No jackpot


  • Graphics and audio 6
  • Bonus/Freespins 10
  • Special functions 9
  • Total 8

Synthetic comment

The official Playboy slot machine shows off some of the technologies already seen in other microgaming titles, such as the 243 ways of winning and the methods for free laps of your choice.

We do not win for each combination of symbols aligned on an active winning line, but for each combination consisting of equal symbols on adjacent rollers, in any position (243 ways).

Playboy players can also unlock up to 4 modes for free spin, which can be activated every time you access the "Playboy Club" bonus game.

Opinion and features of the Playboy slot machine

The main features of the playboy slot machine made by microgaming are essentially two: the way the winning lines are managed and the way the free spin are paidnull These are two characteristics that we have already seen in the latest games made by microgaming which, apparently, have shown a decidedly positive feedback from users. Since these characteristics deserve a more in -depth explanation, we have carried out a deepening on each of them.

In our opinion, the negative notes of this slot concern the graphic and audio sectors: the visual aspect of the slot is all in all acceptable, even if a little "poor", but the audio effects seem to have come out of a game room for years' 80. After 30 seconds of trial, we continued by removing the audio from the slot.
Apart from this, nothing else to report.

The "243 ways" to win

Slot machines have accustomed us to the concept of winning win: a combination is paid when the more the same symbols are aligned in a certain way. In the online slot playboy this is not valid: The winnings are paid when more symbols appear on adjacent rollers from left to right, it doesn't matter in which position they are on the roller.

This mechanism is called "243 ways", because for each combination paid there are 243 possible ways of winning. For example, if the "X" symbol appears on each of the first 3 rollers from left to right, you are entitled to pay the winnings foreseen for a combination of 3 "x" symbols, regardless of the alignment of the same on the rollers.

Free turns with the "Playboy Club"

Every time 3 or more Symbols Scatter appear (the playboy magazine) in any position, the player gets access to the Playboy Clubnull The Playboy Club allows you to get free spin with special functions. The first time you access the Playboy Club you are entitled to 10 free spins in which all the winnings are multiplied 5 times.

However, a meter is increased for each access to Playboy Club, allowing to unlock new bonus modes for free spin. If you play inside the same online casino, the results achieved in different game sessions are stored, so that the level achieved in the Playboy Club is maintained for a year by the last play made. Follows the list of available methods:

  • Whom: 10 Free Spin with 5x winning multiplier (Wild winnings are multiplied 10 times).
  • Sofia: 15 free play with Running Wilds function (Each play is added a Wild symbol to the pile of the symbols of each roller). It is unlocked to the 5th access to the Playboy Club.
  • Ashley: 20 Free Spin with Rolling Reels function (consecutive vicitis increase the multiplier of the winnings from 1x to 2x, 3x, 4x up to 5x). Activable after 10th access to the Playboy Club.
  • Jillian: 25 Free play with Wild Night function (randomly from 1 to 5 rollers can be entirely transformed into Wild). It is unlocked to the 15th access to the Playboy Club.

Wild symbol with doubled winnings

The Wild symbol doubles the value of the win for each paid combination in which it appears as Jolly. If more Wild are present, the win is not further doubled.

Images of the playboy slot

Free Spin Instructions and Information in the Playboy Club:

More information on the playboy slot

How to play and what are the limits of winning and betting

You can choose whether to play with tokens or money: players can decide to view all information relating to the episode and winnings both in terms of money and as a number of tokens (for the purposes of the amounts played and won nothing). It is a subjective choice, but if you are not already used to playing with the tokens, we advise you to play with money in order to always be sure of the amount you are betting.

The game commands: Before starting a game, players can adjust the amount to be bet through the buttons on the lower part of the screen, choosing between various combinations of number of coins and value of the coins.

All the values of the balance, the amount bet and the winnings made are shown in real time.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum win is 121,500 coins. The minimum and maximum episodes are 30 cents respectively and $ 15.