Review della slot machine Pirates' Millions

The best of the Pirates' Millions slot

  • Dizzying jackpot up to 8,888,888 euros!
  • Bonus games, Wild symbols and Scatter symbols
  • The combinations have a high payout
  • Exclusive slot for the online casino

Pro & cons

  • Huge jackpot, 1 million times the episode!
  • Bonus game in 3 levels
  • Mancano i free spin


  • Graphics and audio 7
  • Bonus/Freespins 8
  • Special functions 9
  • Total 8

Synthetic comment

Pirates' Millions is a 25 winning lines video slot machine, structured around the theme of pirates who practice raids around the seas and has a fixed fairytale jackpot: almost 9 million euros!

The feature that has made this slot famous is the fixed jackpot at stake: a combination of 5 jokers win 1,11.111 times the episode made, up to a maximum of 8,888,888 $!

For the rest, Pirates' Millions is a rather classic and very simple game, with a bonus game structured on 3 different levels and the classic functions of Scotter and Wild symbols. The winning combinations pay rather well, but the game can be a little monotonous in the long run.

Pirates 'Millions' opinion and features

Pirates'Millions is a classic 25 -lines video slot machine, whose load -bearing theme is that of pirates. The game is structured in a very "clear" way and the slot proves to be simple and pleasant to use.

In addition to the jackpot at stake, Pirates Millions offers players a fun bonus game, in which it is possible to consistently multiply the amount of the episode made.

On the other hand, there are no functions for free games, the so -called free spins, but this lack is partially compensated by the presence of Jolly symbols, which take on the value of the other symbols that appear on the winning lines. In addition, the Scatter symbols allow you to multiply the total episode regardless of their position.

The jackpot

In order to get the big jackpots up for grabs, 5 Jolly symbols must be aligned on an active win line: this combination pays 1,111.111 times the line episode made and only in the event that the maximum possible episode has been made on this line, The total win is almost 9 million.

The bonus game

It starts aligning 3 or more bonus symbols on an active line. The greater the number of symbols and the greater the prizes offered.
The game will see you engaged in a gold hunt on 3 different islands, where you will have to choose between 5 possible prizes:

  • The island of the stones: You have to lift one of the ancient stones present: you will always win a prize.
  • The island of bats: you have to choose one of the 5 bats in the cave. The prizes are greater than the previous internship, but only 2 bats lead to a win, the others end the bonus game. By getting a win, you proceed to the next island.
  • The island of the Temple: In this last internship, you have to choose the door of the time that in your opinion hides the golden idol. The prize is very high but only 1 of the 5 doors allows you the vicita.

At the end of the bonus game, the winnings are immediately credited to the balance of the ongoing match.

Images of the Pirates' Millions slot

The game interface and the map in the bonus game.

More information on the Pirates' Millions slot

How to play Pirates' Millions and what are the limits of winning and betting

It is played directly with the credit credit: During the games in Pirates' Millions it is not necessary to make any conversion of money into game coins. You can bet directly using the money available on the account.

The game commands: The arrows are used under the "lines" label to choose the number of active winning lines for the next spin. At the beginning of the game all 25 lines are active (see first image).

Then you choose the episode on each single line via the arrows placed under the "episode" label. The total episode for the next spin is equal to the product between the number of lines and the line episode (for example, with 25 lines and episode from 0.10 $ the total bet is $ 2.5)

The skull -shaped button (payments table) allows you to see all the possible combinations of winnings and the behavior of the special symbols. To start the game, just click on the "Trice" button. Finally, the "max lines" button allows with a single action to set the maximum number of lines without changing the episode.

Winning and betting limits: In Pirates Millions the maximum win without Jackpot is 5000 times the line episode. The minimum bet is 0.10 $, the maximum one of $ 50 for each lap.