Review of the Halloween Fortune slot Machine

The best of the Halloween Fortune slot

  • Free turns for a maximum of 20 play
  • Winning multipliers up to 10 times
  • Dark atmosphere and excellent graphics
  • Possibility to double the winnings obtained

Pro & cons

  • Free turns with multipliers
  • The combinations have high payouts
  • Involving playtech game
  • A progressive jackpot is missing


  • Graphics and audio 10
  • Bonus/Freespins 9
  • Special functions 7
  • Total 9

Synthetic comment

Halloween Fortune is a new 20 lines slot machine that is based on the theme of the mysteries of Halloween night and offers a graphic design among the best viewed up to now in the slot games.

The game environment creates a really pleasant immersion, between sinister animals, steaming heat, skull potions and, of course, sensual witches!

The game structure is very simple, but not for this boring. In addition, the bonus game allows you to win up to 20 free games with 10x winning multiplier. There is no progressive jackpot, which translates into winnings during the highest and frequent normal laps.

Opinions and features of Halloween Fortune

Halloween Fortune is a 20 selectable 20 lines slot machine that offers free spin, winning multipliers, Wild and Scatter symbols.

"Witches' Brew bonus game and free rpm

In Halloween Fortune you can access the bonus game by obtaining rollers 1 and 5, in any position, the bonus symbols. The game consists of two steps: in the first the rpm is assigned, up to a maximum of 20.

Subsequently, the multiplier of winnings for free spin is assigned, which can be 2.3,4,5.7 or 10 times! With 10x multiplier, a combination that normally pays $ 10 pays $ 100 instead.
During the free laps it is possible to win other free laps!

Special symbols

This slot machine has two special symbols: the runs allow you to get winnings even when they appear outside the winning lines, while the Wild (Jolly symbols) replace any other symbol.

Double winning

Every time you get a winning combination, of any amount, it is possible to try to double in succession. By pressing the appropriate button, in fact, a window opens with the doubling game.

Trying luck in this game is extremely simple: there is a covered card in the center of the screen. The player must do nothing but guess the color of the paper, red or black. After the choice, the card is discovered. In case of winning, the amount is doubled, in case of loss, the amount is reset. It is therefore advisable to use this function only for non -high winnings.

Images of the Halloween Fortune slot

The bonus game to get the free spin and a part of the payments table.

More information on the Halloween Fortune slot

How to play Halloween Fortune and what are the limits of winning and betting

It is played directly with the money on the account: no conversion from money to tokens is necessary: you play by directly using the money available on the account (or a part of it).

The game commands: from the control panel positioned in the lower part of the game window, the number of lines is selected, then the amount to be focused on each line (the total episode updates itself and is visible to the center of the panel) and finally it is done Start the slot with the button on the right.

The "doubles" button is activated only following a win and allows you to double the amount obtained with a 50%probability.

The automatic game controls allow you to set a number of laps that start alone, without the player having to click with the mouse every time.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum win is 10,000 times the episode, 100,000 times during the free laps.
The minimum and maximum episodes are respectively 0.01 $ and 20 $