Slot machine Gonzo's Quest: la Review

The best of the Gonzo's Quest slot

  • Avalanche function: continue until you win
  • Vinced multiplier up to 5 or 15 times
  • 10/20 free laps with Scatter symbols
  • Netten game with high -level animations

Pro & cons

  • Fun and innovative, with excellent graphics
  • New and advantageous game mode
  • Winning combinations always multiplied


  • Graphics and audio 9
  • Bonus/Freespins 9
  • Special functions 9
  • Total 9

Synthetic comment

Gonzo's Quest is a winning mix between an arcade game and a slot machine, whose theme is the search for gold in the legendary El Dorado by the adventurer Gonzalo Pizzarro.

It is a 5 roller slot machine and 20 payment lines that has a "enhanced" game structure compared to the other slot machines: the symbols present on the rollers do not turn, but literally fall from above and destroy when one realizes one winning combination, causing other symbols and increasing the multiplier of the winnings ("Avalanche" function).

Gonzo's Quest is not equipped with a real bonus game, but is giving away a variable number of free spin during which the multipliers of the winnings increase up to 15x for each winning combination made in addition to the first.

Gonzo's Quest's opinion and features

Gonzo's Quest Slot Overview:

The Gonzo's Quest Slot Machine has a 20 -lines classic game structure, but the new function of the "avalanche" symbols accompanied by breathtaking graphics.

Gonzo's Quest looks like a 5 -roller slot machine and 20 lines with extremely well -kept 3D graphics and has a game mode that we could call "avalanche".
The classic rollers on which the symbols are designed are in this case replaced by stone blocks that fall from above, the combinations of which make up the various payment lines.

"Avalanche" function (avalanche):

Whenever a winning combination is made, the stone blocks that compose it are destroyed, making the blocks above fall above and then new blocks until they fill all the available spaces. At each new fall (or Avalanche), the winning multiplier increases, going from 1x to 2x, 3x up to 5x and considerably increasing the possible winnings.

Free laps:

By obtaining 3 or more "free falls" symbols starting from the first roller on the left, a minimum of 10 free spin are won. The peculiarity of the free spins in this slot is given by the fact that the multiplier for each avalanche increases: it goes from 3x to 6x, 9x and even 15x!

Gonzo's Quest Slot images:

Access to the bonus game and graphic aspect of the slot.

More information on Game Gonzo's Quest

How to play and what are the limits of winning and betting

It is played with the tokens: In this slot machine the credits present in the player account are converted into tokens.

The actions to be done to play: First you have to choose the value of the tokens to be used, by clicking on the "Val Gettoni" button: you can choose from 0.01 $, $ 0.02, $ 0.05 $ 0.10, $ 0.20 and $ 0.50.

Then choose the number of lines ("lines" button) (from 1 to 15) and the number of coins to be bet on each line ("coins" button). The total bet is reported under the item "episode" and is calculated by multiplying the value of the coins by the number of lines by the number of coins (for example, 2 coins worth $ 1 on 15 lines correspond to an episode of 30 $ ).

Then you choose the number of tokens to use, by clicking on the "LIV episode" button: the possible options are 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 tokens. The total episode is given by the number of tokens multiplied by the value of the tokens.

The slot machine starts by pressing the central round button: the game starts and the amount of the bet is removed from the game account. The "Max episode" button allows you to make a ride of the slot by betting the maximum number of tokens, keeping its value unchanged.

To see the possible winning combinations, just click on the payments table (Paytable). The number of lines on which to make the episodes is always 20, the lines can be viewed by passing with the mouse over the numbers on the sides of the central part of the slot machine.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum winning winnings in the Gonzo's Quest game are $ 25,000 during normal laps and $ 112500 during the bonus turns.
The minimum bet is 20 euro cents, the maximum one of $ 200.