Review of the Slot Machine Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The best of Dawn of the Dinosaurs

  • Mode for free laps of your choice
  • "Combo Combo" to make multiple winnings
  • Rescue of the results between game sessions
  • Exclusive slot for the online casino
Prova Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Pro & cons

  • Many functions and rescue of results
  • 4 modes for free spin with multipliers
  • No progressive jackpot
  • Activation of complex fee spin


  • Graphics and audio 8
  • Bonus/Freespins 8
  • Special functions 7
  • Total 8

Synthetic comment

Dawn of the Dinosaurs represents one of the best and most sophisticated slot machines present in online casinos, thanks to a very articulated and fun game structure.

In addition to the graphic quality at the highest levels and particularly well -kept sound effects, Dawn of the Dinosaurs allows not only to accumulate special symbols that can be used in subsequent laps, but even to "keep them" between different game sessions.

Very interesting are the 4 modes for free laps and the "Combo Combo Combo" function of which we give more information below.

Opinion and features of Dawn of the Dinosaurs

This 25 lines slot machine is not equipped with a progressive jackpot, but offers many possibilities to obtain bonus games and free laps. In addition, the player is left to make many free laps with low multiplier or a few free laps with high multiplier: in fact different variants between 30 free spins are available without multiplier and 5 free spin with a 6 -time multiplier.

Raptor Clash bonus game:

It is obtained with three bonus symbols in any position on the rollers. Start the bonus game in which to have fun in fighting between dinosaurs, multiplying steps after step the value of the bet carried out: the maximum win is 1200 times the total of the episode.

Free Spin Explosion:

Whenever the symbol of the lava rock appears on the rollers, this is preserved for the current game session. If you get a total of 4 lava rocks throughout the game session, free laps are activated, according to the player's preferences: 30 free spin without multiplier, 15 free spin with 2x winning multiplier, 10 free spin with 3x multiplier or 5 free spin with 6x multiplier.

During the free laps, the player is not scaled by the account, while all the winnings are made by maintaining the value of the bet carried out to obtain the free laps and increased according to the multiplier chosen.

Combo Completer:

During the symbols game, T-Rex eggs may appear. The eggs obtained in Dawn of the Dinosaurs are kept and used later, automatically, as a Jolly symbol to complete combinations with the T-Rex symbol, that is, the symbol that pays the highest winnings.

The novelty lies in the fact that not only is it possible to accumulate multiple eggs, but that these are preserved between different game sessions: If a player interrupts a game, the next time he found the same eggs previously accumulated.

Images of the Dawn of the Dinosaurs slot.

Combo Bonus Combo Combo and Free Spin Explosion games.

More information on the Dawn of the Dinosaurs slot

How to play and what are the limits of winning and bet.

It is played with money on the account: In Dawn of the Dinosaurs the episodes take place directly using the money on the gaming account. Finding conversions take place.

The game commands: Here are the game commands available, from left to right as in the image: the fossil -shaped button allows you to view the payments table, while the group of buttons that follow have the purpose of activating the automatic game, according to preferences of the player.

The arrows under the "episode" label allow you to choose the amount of the bet on the individual lines, which must be multiplied by 25 to obtain the total episode.
Finally, the "run" button starts the slot machine.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum feasible winning is 10,000 times the episode made.
The minimum bet is $ 0.25, the maximum one of $ 250.