Slot Machine Alien Robots: news with 243 ways of winning!

Slot machine Alien Robots in breve

  • Choice between 30 lines or 243 ways of winning
  • 10, 20 or 50 rpm free with Scatter symbols
  • Wild symbol expandable in the free spin
  • Neten game with excellent graphics

Pro & cons

  • Combinations paid as scatter
  • Up to a maximum of 50 free spin
  • Bonus games are missing


  • Graphics and audio 8
  • Bonus/Freespins 9
  • Special functions 9
  • Total 9

Synthetic comment

Alien Robots revolutionizes the very definition of Slot Machine: in addition to the classic game mode, the one with "243 ways" is available, in which the winning combinations must not be made on the winning lines, but in any position on the rollers.
The slot machine has a classic 30 lines structure but, doubled the episode, it is possible to play exactly as if the win lines were 243, covering all the possible positions of the symbols.
In this way, to create a winning combination, it is sufficient that the same symbols are present on adjacent rollers, in any position!

Opinion and features of the Alien Robots slot

30 lines or 243 ways:

Alien Robots is characterized as a video slot machine that offers two game modes: a classic 30 lines and a new one at 243 ways.

In the 30 lines mode, the winning combinations must be made on active lines, while in the mode at 243 ways it is enough that equal symbols are on adjacent rollers, it does not matter what their position is. To activate the game with 243 ways it is necessary to double the value of the episode.

Free laps:

In Alien Robots you can also win 10, 20 or 50 free laps obtaining 3, 4 or 5 symbols Scatter on the rollers. During the free spins if you get a Jolly symbols, this expands on the whole roller, activating a further free spin in which the chances of winning are much higher.

Images of the Alien Robots slot:

The presentation screen

More information on the Alien Robots game

How to play and what are the limits of winning and bet.

It is played with the tokens: in Alien Robots the credits in the player's account are converted into tokens.

The game commands: By using the controls present in the lower part of the slot machine, you select the number of lines to be used. Going beyond 30 lines activates the 243 ways and the episode automatically doubles.

Then you choose the number of tokens to be used on each line and the value of the tokens, bearing in mind that the total bet is given by the multiplication of the number of lines, the number of tokens and the value of the tokens (doubled in the case of play with 243 ways).
Let's take an example to clarify: by betting with 243 ways, 5 tokens worth $ 0.02, the total bet is 30*5*0.02*2 = 6 $. Every time a change is made, the amounts are displayed both as a number of tokens and as a value value, in order to have the situation always under control.

The central button starts the slot machine.
The other commands allow you to view the payments table, to set the game automatically and to make the maximum bet without having to manually change all the settings.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum number of tokens that can be won is 50,000, which translates into a cash win of up to $ 25,000
Bets start from a minimum of 1 cent of euros up to a maximum of $ 150.