Roulette: the undisputed queen of the mess. Basic rules, strategies and advice

Roulette undoubtedly represents the essence of all mess: it is a classic game that has always fascinated a large number of players, thanks to the simple rules and the many game strategies that can be adopted.

Knowing the operating mechanisms of the roulette allows you to have a conscious and winning approach towards this game. Adopting correct game methodologies helps to maximize the chances of winning and reducing possible losses.

Our aim is to explain which parts that make up the roulette, how the episodes are carried out and what are the most used strategies, starting from the basic notions and then deepens what are the versions of roulette available in online casino.

Finally, remember that there are tables of roulette suitable for all budgets, with different bet limits that vary from a few cents to thousands of euros.

Roulette rules and information on episodes

Let's see what are the parts that make up a roulette and which episodes can be carried out (let's take the European roulette as always)

The wheel of numbers

The main part of the roulette is the wheel of numbers. This is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from 0 to 36 in a non -consecutive way. The number 0 is green in color, while starting from the number onwards there is an alternation of red and black colors (see image).

When a tour of roulette begins, the wheel is run in one direction, while a ball is launched inside in the opposite direction. When the wheel stops, the ball falls into one of the numbered spaces by decreeing the pair of winning number and color.

The episode table

  • Full number (Straight up bet): Pay 36 times the mail (bet $ 10, win $ 360).
    You bet on a "dry" number, positioning the chip directly on the chosen number. You win if the ball stops exactly on that number.
  • Cavallo (split bet): Pay 16 times the mail (bet $ 10, win $ 160).
    The bet on two adjacent numbers is placed, both vertically and horizontally, placing the "on horseback" chips between the two numbers chosen, Proror over the line that divides them.
  • Terzine (street bet): Pay 12 times the mail (bet $ 10, win 120 $).
    Episode carried out on three consecutive numbers, the pussy is positioned on the left edge of the lowest number in value (see figure).
  • Carrup (Corner Bet): Pay the mail 8 times (bet $ 10, win 80 $).
    You bet on 4 numbers that form a square, positioning the chips at the common point of the 4 numbers.
  • Sestina (line bet): Pay the mail 6 times (bet $ 10, win 60 $).
    Episode on 6 numbers positioned on two consecutive lines, the chip is positioned on the left edge, at the point of between the 2 lines
  • Column (Column Bet) and Dozzina (Dozen Bet): They pay the mail 3 times (bet $ 10, win $ 30).
    You bet on 12 numbers simultaneously, grouped a column or in 4 adjacent lines, placing the chips in the appropriate box found either on the left edge of the dozen or at the bottom of the column.
  • Equal or odd (Even/Odd Bet), red or black (Bet color), ups and downs (hi/lo bet): They pay the mail 2 times (bet $ 10, win $ 20).
    We bet on 18 numbers simultaneously, or on peers or odd, on red or black or on the ups andials (from 19 to 36) and low (from 1 to 18). Zero is not winning in any of these categories. Fiche is placed in the appropriate boxes on the left left edge of the table.

Strategies, systems and tips for roulette

Being one of the most equipped casino games, in which the margin of the counter is just over 1% compared to that of the player, the roulette is certainly the game for which the largest number of betting systems and strategies was developed game.

Practice first of all

Those who follow are simple strategic advice for the Roulette game. However, we suggest starting to become familiar with this game (perhaps by testing it in virtual money mode, the practice is the best teacher) with the awareness that those who develop a passion for roulette will have a quantity of information in -depth on the betting systems on dozens of valid internet portals or in the abundant bibliography available.

Always choose European roulette, not the American one

The motivation is simple, the chances of winning are greater in the European version. This is because in the American version there is also double zero (00), an extra number that decreases the chances of victory for all possible episodes. (There are 38 numbers instead of 37).

Pay attention to the episode limits

The episode limits indicate what are the minimum and maximum amounts for each episode. It is always necessary to take into account the episode limits when using a progressive game system, that is, it provides for the increase in episodes on the basis of certain conditions: the higher limit could prevent you from playing the desired amount, invalidating your strategy.

Trust mathematics, but also of instinct

Roulette is also a gambling. Although mathematics provide theoretically valid systems, none of these is infallible, because the counter always has at least a small advantage over the player. So trust your instinct and try to have fun, not simply to follow iron rules written by someone else.

Take advantage of the void laps

Not everyone knows that in online casinos it is possible to run the roulette without aiming. In this way it is possible to observe the draws drawn and draw considerations on them.

Common versions of the Roulette game

Let's see in short what are the differences between the various versions of roulette that can be found in the terrestrial casinos and online casinos.

European roulette (or American)

The most classic and beloved of roulette, in relation to which we made the previous explanations. The wheel is divided into 37 sectors: green 0 and 36 red and black numbers.

European Roulette Pro

Available only in online casinos, it is identical to classical European roulette as regards the rules, but allows customization actions (for example of the color of the table) and more complex betting systems that can be made with a simple click on a button.

Roulette americana

The American roulette differs from the European version by the presence of a wheel divided into 38 sectors instead of 37: there are 0 and double zero (00) green, the numbers from 1 to 36 red and black.

Mini Roulette

It is a game available only in online casinos, which is based on the same principles as roulette but which provides for the use of a wheel divided into a smaller number of sectors (for example 18) and a grid for episodes with less options null Since the number of sectors are reduced, you are more likely to victory, but the payments are lower.

Roulette Mobile

The new version of Roulette available for tablets and smartphones.

Immersive Roulette Live

A live table that uses the best technologies to offer a live game live streaming with hd shots and advanced effects. Here more information on immersive roulette.