Blackjack: make a 21 without getting busy in this great classic

Blackjack is one of the most fascinating and loved cards of casinos: the purpose of the game is to beat the counter by making a score as close as possible to 21 without overcoming it.

Blackjack is a game at the same time very simple to learn and extremely fun: the rules are few and very clear and the game table has a minimum complexity.

It is interesting to note that in Blackjack the advantage of the bench is minimal and the game strategies are few and very simple to follow, characteristics that make the blackjack a game in which you can get long -term winnings.

Online blackjack presents itself exactly like that of the royal mess and, although there are many versions that differ in the number of playable hands at the same time and for the possibility of carrying out side bets, the concepts behind the game always remain the same.

Blackjack rules and information on episodes

The rules of Blackjack are few and simple, you can learn to play in a few minutes and doing a little practical. So let's review the basic notions of Blackjack (also valid for online blackjack).

The purpose of the game

The purpose of the Blackjack is to create a higher score of the Banco as much as possible close to 21 by adding the values of all the cards received without clove, a condition that ends the game immediately in favor of the counter (the English term is "bust" ). In Blackjack you always play against the counter, even if you share the same table with other players.

The value of the cards

The axes can be worth both 1 and 11 (the choice is of the player). All figures (j, q and k) are worth 10. 2 to 10 cards always have their numerical value.

Hand score calculation

A blackjack is obtained when you have an ace and a card with value 10. In this case the game immediately ends in favor of the player unless the counter has obtained a blackjack, in the event that you have a draw. In other cases the score is calculated simply by adding the values of all the cards. A 21 obtained with more than 2 cards is not a blackjack.

The rules of the Blackjack game

First you have to place a bet (1 in the image). Once you have chosen the amount of the bet and the Fiche positioned, the game can begin. If you want to play multiple hands simultaneously, you have to place a bet for each of them, even of a different amount. After the bet, the distribution of the cards takes place (2 and 3 in the image). 2 cards are distributed to both the player and the counter (in the online casino you have to press the distribution button): those of the player both discovered, those of the bench a blanket and a discovery. The control now passes to the player: if a blackjack has not been obtained, the player can ask for other cards, stop and in some cases divide the hand or double the bet.

When the player's hand ended, the hand of the counter begins and the card that was covered was discovered. As well as the player, the counter can also ask for other cards or stop, with two important exceptions. The bench is forced to ask for paper until it reaches at least the score of 16 and is forced to stop if the score is 17. At the end of the hand of the counter, the winner is decreed: whoever has the highest score without having busted wins the hand in case of parity there are neither winning nor losses.

Division, doubling and insurance

If after the distribution the player has a pair of equal cards, he can decide to divide the cards and play two contemporary hands, doubled the episode. The doubling, on the other hand, is allowed following the distribution regardless of the cards received and allows you to double the episode by asking for one and a single additional card. Insurance is a secondary episode that the player can make when the descended card is an ace and has an amount that is half the main bet. If the desk has blackjack, the insurance pays 2 to 1 and the other bets are losers, if the insurance does not have it, it is loser and the hand continues normally.

Game commands: (4 in the figure)

If you are playing in an online casino, all the buttons are present in the lower part of the screen that allow you to carry out the various actions during the game. Some of them cannot be operated if the suitable conditions do not occur, such as the division of the hand.

Payments of the winnings in the Blackjack

If a player wins with a blackjack, the win is paid 3 to 2, for example if the bet is $ 10, the win is $ 25. In all other situations, the victory doubles the bet.

Strategies, systems and advice for Blackjack

For Blackjack there are real game systems, but to start we limit ourselves to indicating some behaviors that help to have a winning approach.

Never divide a 20

20 is a score that in most situations leads to a victory of the hand. Wasting this opportunity to divide the hand exposes to risks that is better not to take, because the chances of losing both hands increases considerably.

Intelligently double

When you make a doubling, you are entitled to one and one more card after which you will be forced to stop. The doubling is recommended especially when you have a 11 after distribution, in other cases it is good to be careful.

Don't make side bets

The side bets, such as insurance, pay pogo in case of winning and damage a lot in case of loss. In the long run it is not worth it, our advice is to save money perjoices a greater number of hands.

Study the situation of the counter

A mistake that many players make during Blackjack games is to try at all costs to get to 21, asking for paper even with a very high score. It is a good practice to always make considerations on the possible combinations of the counter by looking at the discovery card, evaluating if the situation requires the risk of busing asking for an extra card.

If you are interested in deepening, you can read ours Blackjack basic strategies and view the optimal table of the behaviors to be kept in any game situation.

Common versions of the Blackjack game

What versions of Blackjack is possible to play in the casino and online casinos

Many versions available

Online casinos offer a very high number of Blackjack versions: the most common are those that plan to play multiple hands simultaneously, other less common have slightly different rules, such as the obligation of the counter to stop on the 18th instead of on 17.

Considering this great variety of games available, we recommend trying directly what online casinos offer, even in virtual money mode, evaluating what the type of game that satisfies your tastes is most.

Blackjack Mobile

The new version of Blackjack available for tablets and smartphones.

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