Affairs your: the most famous show in USA in a casino game

The best of your business game

  • The offers of the "doctor" during the game can be accepted or refused
  • Format similar to that of the television quiz, even if simplified
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Pro & cons

  • It is not necessary to conclude the game, if the offer to go out is good
  • Suitable for lovers of the homonymous television program
  • Graphically scarce


  • Graphics and audio 6
  • Bonus/Freespins n.d.
  • Special functions 6
  • Total 6

Synthetic comment

Affari Tuo is a game based on the TV show of the same name followed and loved by many Americans. It is in all respects a videogame transposition in which it is possible to play both for fun and with real money.

The rules of the game are simple: you choose a package among those available, then you start opening the remaining ones thus going to exclude the prizes present in the winning board one at a time. Just as in the TV version of the game, during the game the players will receive various offers from the "doctor", whose amount will be evaluated on the basis of the goodness of the remaining prizes.

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Overview of the Game Tue

Those who already know the TV show show your business will have no problem playing the online version, as the rules are exactly the same.

The purpose of the game is to choose a package among the 26 available, which contain as many different prizes. Once chosen and set aside the package, the player must start opening the other packages, eliminating the various prizes one by one. In certain moments of the game, a mysterious "doctor" will make offers to the player to finish the game instantly and the amount of these offers is determined on the basis of the value of the prizes still available.

If at the end of the game the player has not accepted any offer, the package is initially chosen and the relative recessed prize.

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How to play your business

It is played with credit: In this game the credit present on the gaming account is used without making conversions in tokens.

The game commands: First of all, the player must choose the amount to play with: range from a minimum of $ 0.50 to a maximum of $ 500. By changing the value of the episode, the value of the available prizes also changes, which can be seen on the sides of the game window.

Then choose the favorite package, selecting it among the 26 available. Afterwards, the player will be asked to start opening some of the remaining packages. Whenever a package is opened, the prize contained in it is eliminated by the columns of the available prizes.

After the opening of a series of parcels, the player is made an offer to leave the game immediately: this can be higher or lower than the initial episode, based on the prizes that are still available. The player can therefore choose whether to accept the offer or continue in opening the parcels, until they are no longer available. In this case, the player wins the prize contained in the package chosen at the beginning of the game.

Winning and betting limits: The maximum winning winning is 10 times the bet, up to $ 5000.
The minimum and maximum bets are respectively 50 cents of euros and 500 $.