Has the game become a problem? Find out and ask for help

The online game and gambling in general are activities that should always be practiced in moderation and control.

Unfortunately, some individuals develop an addiction and put their health and family at risk. So let's see how it is possible to realize a problematic situation and who to ask for help.

Below there are a series of questions to which a player who has a healthy approach towards gambling answers negatively.

If you answer even one of these questions in an affirmative, you may need to ask for help.

  • Has the game ever created problems to your relationships towards your family?
  • Have you ever felt guilty after playing?
  • Have you ever played using money that had been reserved for other important activities or to pay debts?
  • After a win, have you ever felt the need to win more?
  • Have you ever sold something to finance the game business?
  • Have you ever thought of committing illegal actions to obtain funds for gambling?
  • Have you ever had sleep problems because of the game?
  • Did you approach the game because of unpleasant personal situations?
  • Have you ever thought about hurting yourself or someone else because of the game?

In the event that you realize you have a problem with the game, an important first step is to talk to someone: friends, family or psychologists, the important thing is to share this situation with someone.

A valid help can be asked to the anonymous players' association, the main purpose of which is to deal with people who have a problematic relationship with gambling. TO this address The website with all the information.