Best online casino in August 2022: Snai

It is still undoubtedly Snai the Best online casino of 2022, which keeps the peak unchallenged for many months now.

The reasons that confirm Snai as One of the most reliable online casino They are always the same: an incredible offer of games, gained by the ten -year experience of the world of bets, and above all the fact of being a 100% American casino.

The Snai platform offers a wide choice of games including two virtual mess, a large number of slot machines and VLTs, poker rooms as well as live casino and mobile games that can be used on Android and iOS.

Snai welcomes new customers with a 10 $ no deposit bonus accredited at the time of registration. For customers who wish to continue playing on Snai, a 100% welcome bonus is also prejudice to the value of the first deposit up to a maximum of 1000 euros.

To find out more about Snai and its offers, we invite you to visit the game platform clicking here.

Safe online casino: what does it mean?

The first thing we consider important when it approaches online gaming is to understand without uncertainties that What does it mean that an online casino is safenull That is, when can we be sure that the mess to which we entrust part of our money is reliable? And when could some rip -ups conceal?

As we will have the opportunity to evaluate in the next lines, the most important verification to be made is certainly that of Check that the online casino is authorized to operate byCustoms and Monopolies agency (ADM)!

The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) is the body that in USA has the task of regulating gambling and, evidently, also the mess that operate inside. Therefore, only a casino online ADM, o casino ADM, can be said to be fully able to comply with the rules and regulations prepared to protect the player: think of the discipline in terms of safety, payout and, more generally, all those behaviors that should inspire a Safe and responsible game.

ATTENTION: often on the web you will also hear about the AAMS online casinos, or Casino Aams. Don't worry: they were the same thing as today's Adm Casino. The acronym Aams refers to the autonomous administration of the State Monopolies, the body that before the ADM had the task of managing the public game.

The 7 evaluation criteria to recognize a safe online casino

So far we have understood that the best way to find a safe online casino is to limit your search to the Adm casino only. And precisely for this reason in our list of online casino you will find only operators authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency!

But how did we select the safe online casinos that you find on this page? What are the requirements that you should pay more attention?

To explain it without delay, below we have identified 7 evaluation criteria that we suggest to apply in your next choice:

  1. ADM license number on the Casino websitenull Remember that all operators who have obtained authorization from the Agency must display ADM logo and the concession number.
  2. Presence of the mess in the list of authorized dealersnull A few little serious online casinos may still exhibit the ADM logo even without having any license. Do not be fooled and, on the other hand, check the presence of the casino where you want to open a game account on the page of Dealers authorized to play remotely At Adm!
  3. Reviews Online Casinonull A good way to improve your knowledge of the online casino is to read the reviews you can find online and ... especially on our site!
  4. Terms and conditionsnull The best online casinos are not afraid to make the terms and conditions of use of their platform transparent, with particular reference to privacy, bonuses, deposits and withdrawals.
  5. Game softwarenull Of course, a very important evaluation criterion is linked to the need to carry out a test on game software used by online casino. It is evidently necessary that they are reliable and, perhaps, experienced before opening the game account through a demo.
  6. Customer servicenull Would you ever open an account at an online casino that does not provide any customer support, or whose customer care is slow and inefficient? Probably not. It is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to verify that customer support can be easily ed through multiple channels, and that its response times are contained.
  7. Bonuses and promotionsnull The bonuses are perhaps not the most important evaluation criterion to be able to judge the goodness of an online casino but ... promotions such as welcome bonuses and without deposit are still an excellent business card to start playing on the game platform with greater convenience.

Why choose to play only on Casino ADM

At this point of our guide to Best and safer online casino, you should have understood some things:

  • devi Play only on Casino ADM, instead, moving away from unauthorized game platforms;
  • You should carefully evaluate each operator through the above evaluation criteria, e read our opinions!

Remember in fact that Choose to play only on the ADM casino It is the best step to be able to guarantee a safe and responsible game. In fact, if an online casino is able to receive a license from the agency, it means that that game platform is safe and reliable under all main security aspects. And, therefore, that it is able to respect all the rules that American law has foreseen to protect the figure of the player.

Would you like to know more? In the next paragraph we will talk about the because the ADM casinos are considered safe, and what are the characteristics that an ADM casino can boast of an unauthorized mess!

Why are Adm casinos considered safe?

As anticipated a few lines ago, i casino ADM They are certainly the safest choice for those who want to play online. But why are the ADM casinos considered safe? How does an operator get the agency's license? And what are the differences with unauthorized mess?

We wanted to summarize some of the main points of attention that, probably, will convince you that the obligatory path to be played online is represented precisely by the choice of one of the Best online casino!

Process to obtain the license

The first thing we want to share with you is the fact that in order to obtain an ADM license an online casino must cross a very rigorous pathnull And it is certainly not wrong to say that USA has equipped itself with one of the most severe concession procedures in the world!

In particular, national and international operators who wish to operate in USA must:

  • get a VAT number;
  • enroll in the business register;
  • participate in a public call for the concession of a license;
  • submit a guarantee / bank guarantee for 1.5 million euros;
  • Respect all the requirements in the ADM regulation on the responsible game and the protection of players.

These are evidently of requirements that an unstructured operator and without a concrete service plan for American players cannot guarantee.

During the process of analyzing the request for obtaining a game license, in fact, ADM will control some elements that should attest to the seriousness of the applicant's project, such as:

  • legal requirements;
  • business plan;
  • game software.

In short, an articulated and scrupulous process, which should reassure American players on the goodness of the proposal of the online casino.

Taxes to be paid for the license

If the Customs and Monopolies Agency, assessed the request for obtaining a license from the operator, is able to verify the respect of all the requirements that we have had the opportunity to summarize, will ask the aspiring online casino. payment of a fee of 350 thousand euros.

Only after paying the Tax of obtaining the concession, the company candidate to become online casino on the American market will be able to obtain a three -year license.

But what does all this mean?

It is quite simple. Considering the seriousness, rigorousness and complexity of the agency control process, and the huge amount of taxes to be paid, it is clear that those who obtain an ADM concession has all the credentials to be able to provide an efficient service and reliable!

Use of encryption for data protection

Another of the elements that should inspire greater serenity during the game sessions with an online casino is represented by the use of 128 -bit SSL encryption for data protection.

Nowadays this cryptographic parameter represents the highest quality standard for the Gambling sector, allowing an ideal protection of the information exchanged on the Internet and, therefore, protecting the player's personal and financial data against any IT attacks.

Speaking of financial data, moreover, it should be remembered that the funds paid on their gaming account are kept separate with respect to the assets of the licensee manager, with the filing of the same in current accounts of primary credit institutions. In this way the funds will not be involved in the event of default, and will be protected by any possible incorrect use.

Controls on RNG and Art systems

Not everyone pays attention to this "technical" aspect, but in reality the checks on the RNG and RTP systems represent a fundamental step of the verification of the quality of an online casino. But what is it about?

Considering that not all players could be aware of these definitions, we wanted to dedicate a few more lines to explain what the nature of this verification is and because it always is worth not underestimating it.

Let's start with the acronym RTP, Return To Player: the abbreviation identifies the amount on the total of the episodes that is redistributed among the users of an online casino. Of course, the higher the RTP, the more it was "generous" the gambling house, since it will have returned to its users - in the form of winnings - a more or less high share of its revenues.

Keep in mind that the Art data must be published transparency from the online casino on its website, and is periodically analyzed by the agencies that attest to its legitimacy. The same testing agency will deal - between the various tasks - also to verify the correct functioning of the RNG (random number generation), or the generator of random numbers that allows an impartial and unpredictable game.

Identity and anti -money laundering checks

Returning to the main requirements that an online casino must respect in order to be able to qualify as a casino Adm, one of the most appreciable is certainly made up of Identity and anti -money laundering checks.

We recall, in this matter, that all legitimate operators who are present in the American Gambling market must uniquely identify its users through the acquisition of a copy of the identity document valid and other information provided by the user himself on his home.

In general, in order not to interrupt the gaming account lighting process and first experience with their own platform, online casinos allow the immediate use of their game software also to the newlyweds, and also in more of the verification of the Identity, it being understood that within 30 days this process will still have to be completed, and that before the completion of the process the operation of the account will be limited (for example, prelevations cannot be carried out).

Responsible game regulation

The last requirement of the adm casino Adm on which we want to dwell is linked to the principle of "Responsible game", that several times in our guide we have tried to share.

In fact, it does not escape that one of the most important elements on the basis of which the Customs and Monopolies Agency issues its license is linked to the verification that the casino wants encourage responsible game practices through the preparation of information tools and devices suitable for this purpose.

The goal is evident: to prevent the American Gambling market from ending up being prey to unscrupulous operators, who can take advantage of the poor knowledge or, even worse, dependence on the game of some users.

Other features of online casino adm

Of course, the Features of online casinos ADM They didn't end there. But, however, we believe that what we have remembered can be sufficient to be able to clarify for what reasons to resort to the services of an ADM online casino is an obligatory road for those who want to entertain themselves for a while with a safe, authorized and reliable game!

For those wishing to know even more, we have reported three further characteristics of the ADM casinos that should not go into the background, and which we believe can be decisive to be able to judge the quality of an operator to whom we will entrust our money, our hopes of fun and our winning opportunities!

Customer Service in American

Il Customer Service of an online casino It certainly constitutes one of the essential proposals to be able to guarantee a completely satisfactory game experience. Yet, we remember to evaluate the seriousness and efficiency of customer assistance only in the moment of need!

Recall that the mess that have obtained an ADM license and that can therefore operate legitimately on the American market normally they have a qualified customer service, which can be reached 24 hours a day (or almost) through different channels, like an e -mail box, a toll -free number, a live chat and/or a green or paid telephone number.

Fortunately, the main language that is used by the operators of the customer service of the ADM online casino is precisely American. In this way, every type of linguistic barrier is reduced that could prevent the correct functioning of the customer service (as it could take place in the event that you mistakenly make yourself convince by a foreign operator not recognized in our country by the Customs and Monopolies agency).

Moreover, always by way of greater information clarity, the American ADM online casinos are always equipped with one Pages which includes the answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as the regulation of the products and services available, the terms and conditions of use of the portal.

Small advice: normally the use of the phone to customer support is not considered the preferential tool. Better, however, resort to email, to web tickets and live chat, when available, leaving the telephone only for emergencies. Normally, the staff who deals with the customer care is able to respond within a few hours to any request, including technique.

Insured payment of winnings

It may seem like something "obvious" but, in reality, nothing should be given on the web for sure!

However obvious, it is evident that The ADM casino in USA ensure the payment of the winnings accrued by the customernull In any case, there may be more specific rules about the payment methods, such as the minimum limits for the withdrawal according to the tools chosen (bank transfer, cards, etc.).

Safe and fast payment methods

Considering that we have just mentioned, we cannot fail to pay the right attention also on the presence of safe and fast payment methods, typical of ADM casino services.

Although each online casino can choose which payment methods to accept and which to exclude, today all day all known operators have sufficiently equipped to be able to allow their customers to be able to carry out deposits and withdrawals with all the best known financial channels, such as:

  • Electronic wallets such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller;
  • Visa, Mastercard, Postepay payment cards;
  • bank transfers.

Intuably, the amount deposited will be displayed on your gaming account instantly only if you choose, as a method of transferring money, electronic wallets and payment cards. In the event that you prefer to make a payment with bank transfer, they may want to take between 24 and 72 hours to be able to process the payment.

Similar speech regarding the withdrawal of winnings, the payout. Generally the online casino recognizes the withdrawals using the same tool with which the payments were made, with a waiting time between 48 and 72 hours to be able to process the request.

Which mess to choose? Our suggestions

We have reached the final phase of our in -depth analysis on Choice of the best online casinonull And never a moment is more appropriate to try to take stock of what we said, illustrating some suggestions that will allow you to identify the right mess for your needs.

First, it should now be clear that the only way to be able to play in a fun and safe way is to resort to casino ADM, moving away from the temptation to open a gaming account to unauthorized and unauthorized operators. To do this, you can choose one of the mess that you find on this page, and that over the years we have had the pleasure of experimenting.

Once you have chosen 2-3 mess that you can be useful to choose for your game sessions, you can certainly test them without any need to make a payment of money: in fact you can take advantage of theirs Welcome bonus and gods No deposit bonus, who will allow you to play free without risk and with the possibility of getting your first winnings.

Meanwhile, to realize if the casino really is right for you, you can take advantage of this "free" gaming experience to test the game software, the exhibition clarity of the operators' websites and their customer support.

We are sure that after a few hours you will be able to choose your "best online casino". Good game!

Operators no longer available

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