Playing the casino online for free: fun without risking anything

Online casinos allow you to participate in your games even without creating a gaming account that requires a cash payment: it is basically about spending time playing like a video game, without spending and without gaining anything.

The virtual money game mode (or fake money) was designed with the aim of familiarizing with the casino program and with the games offered, learning the rules and strategies without risking anything, before making a real deposit of money e to entice users to register for the mess.

In reality this allows you to participate in casino games even in those who do not intend to risk, in a completely free way. The virtual money game has no time or currency limits: When the virtual account is empty, it is possible to simply add an unlimited number of funds with a simple click and continue playing.

How do you play free money for free?

To play in an online casino with virtual money you must follow exactly the same procedure that would be followed to play with real money.

Once the casino program has been downloaded (or access through the site), it is necessary to register the game account, providing as usual correct personal information (in fact, in the event that you decide to play with real money, not This information would be requested again).

After accessing your account, an indication should be clearly visible to access the game mode with fake money. At this point it is possible to test all the games available for the whole time wanted.

Testing the games in this way is important, especially if the player is not yet able to master their rules and mechanisms. In addition, taking confidence with the game interface and with the episode methods can avoid expensive errors when playing with real money.

What games can I use virtual money?

The number of games available for virtual money (or fake money) depends on Casino Casino, but in general it is always possible to access a large number of games in those game sites that allow the method of participation with fake money.

Since each online casino on the list at the beginning of the page has its own rules regarding the number of games available without using real money, opening virtual accounts in multiple game sites you have the opportunity to access a large number of different games.

The games certainly available are:

  • The classics: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and often also Baccarat.
  • Slot machines: generally all the slot machines that do not present progressive jackpots and that do not maintain the results between one game session and the other.
  • Arcade games: video poker and arcade games of all kinds.

If, on the other hand, you want to try some game directly and without having to make recordings, you can try In our blog all the casino games or you can consult the Slot Machines section.