Online casino that do not require download to play

Many online casino offer the possibility of Play without making any downloads.

This means that players can access at any time and in every place at the online casino using any device equipped with internet connection: mobile phones, tablets, Apple and PC computer with any operating system without having to download and install the game program.

You can also play from any device, not only from that used for the account recording or from the one you installed the game software.

What we propose below is an explanation of the functioning of online casino in the version without download, accompanied by useful information on the necessary requirements and by a list of the best mess that offer this game mode.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game mode without download

The fact that many online casinos offer players the opportunity to play both in version with download and in browser based version means that both game modes have pros and cons and present some differences.

The first advantage of the game without download is certainly the possibility of playing in every place and with any device, without necessarily being related to the home PC: it is in fact possible for example opening a game account via a PC at home and then connecting And play via tablet on the move or vice versa.

In addition, the Broolsser Based game is immediate, precisely because it is not necessary to waste time with the installation of the program on your PC and with the possible resolution of problems related to this operation.

Playing in a casino in mode without download also presents some disadvantages, first of all the loading times of the longer games and a lower general fluidity of the gaming experience. It should be noted that sometimes the version with download has a greater number of games offered.

Based on the considerations previously made, our advice is as follows: if you have a PC with Windows operating system and think about always playing with the same device, it is preferable to install the online casino program on your system. If, on the other hand, you don't have a Windows PC or think about playing with different devices, the only choice is to play in an online casino without download.

Requirements to play in an online casino without download

The only requirements to be able to play in an online casino that offers the Browser Based mode (i.e. without download) are an Internet connection and a browser (among the most popular) updated to a recent version.

From the point of view of users playing in an online casino in a download version is exactly the same as normal internet navigation, no particular actions are required to be carried out with their devices, whether they are PCs of any kind or smartphone.

Most of the browsers are compatible with online casinos, in case of problems we recommend using Google Chrome, but Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari are also good alternatives.