Live online casino: choose the game live, the Croupier and stream with real tables

The live mess represent a winning mix between the atmosphere of the classic terrestrial mess and the technological innovations of online casino: You can play from your home at real tables of blackjack, roulette and baccarat, choosing the dealer and the limits you prefer.

If you don't like playing against a computer system, live mess are the one for you: real Croupier, men or girls, await you at the live tables.
Playing live is very simple, you just have to register as usual at the Casino website and access the live section. All information will be provided to start playing video connection.

Bonuses on the first payments are also available in live casino, in most cases with a rather low playtrooughs. During the games you can see in real time all the actions that take place and you can share the table with other players connected at the same time.

Insights on the functioning of live mess

Many online casinos are also available in "live" version, that is, live. But what does it mean that an online casino offers live game?

The first version of the online casino, the one we call "classic", is based on the use of a software that manages all the games and results of the episodes in a completely random and automated way. In other words, players bet against a virtual bench, managed by a program called RNG (Random Number Generator).

In fact, the so -called RNG has the task of generating a huge number of possible results for the games, among which it is selected through a random algorithm that of the ongoing match.

However, some players do not like the simplicity of this type of game. For this, many operators have introduced a new game mode, which allows you to make their bets by displaying real tables on the screen of the device used to play, behind which Croupier Royal Croupier take place that use cards and chips equal to those used in the common citizens' municipalities.

The connection takes place via a webcam located in front of the table at the Casino headquarters, but only the player can see the casino staff, while the dealers only display the actions performed by the players who are located at the other end of the line. The players, in fact, have the opportunity to carry out certain actions depending on the chosen table, through commands placed under the window in which the video in real time is displayed.

In this way, not only is the feeling of a more realistic game, but you can share the table with other players connected at the same time, just as it happens in the royal mess.

In the best live mess it is possible to participate in live games for several classic games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

What if it was all a fiction? Could videos be pre-recorded and the results of the matches already decided? This is impossible: the impartiality of the matches is guaranteed by the fact that operators who manage the tables continuously interact with the players using their nicknames. In addition, the video flow is continuous, players can continuously see what is happening at the table.