Roulette (European) apps directly on phone or tablet

All the most famous online gaming sites are presenting their version of Mobile Casino in this period and the presence of mobile roulette, the transposition for gaming on the move of the most famous game ever, could certainly not be missing.

Practically All Roulette games available for tablets and smartphones are based on the European version: The American roulette is in fact not very popular among the players, due to the presence of double zero (00) which benefits the bench not a little.

Mobile roulette in a casino version is available in most cases both as an application to download and as a game accessible directly via browser within the websites of virtual mess. In any case, compatibility is guaranteed with most devices on the market, whether they are based on the Android or iOS system. The differences in the functions present and in the graphic quality depend both on the software on which the game is based (Playtech, Microgaming or Netten), and on the technical specifications of the device used to play.

Generally, The greater the power of your tablet or cell phone and the greater the possibilities that the game of mobile roulette is fluid and usable without problems (this is the case of iPhone 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, iPad and other technological jewels of this caliber)null In any case, the online casino applications for this game have been designed to function correctly, even if with some graphic limitation, on a large number of devices with different calculation and resolution power specifications.

What differentiates the mobile roulette offered by online casinos from the simple apps downloadable by the Apple and Google stores is the possibility of winning real money or playing for free without limitations (in the case of some applications, in fact, very expensive in-game purchases have the only purpose to increase game credits, but there is never the possibility of obtaining real cash winnings).

Differences between mobile roulette and the "classic" version

the rules of the Roulette have always remained the same since the birth of this game, but the methods of use for the versions available for android, iphone, ipad and for other portable devices are different from those of the online games available for pc and may vary depending on:

  • Online casino and basic software
  • Type of device used and operating system
  • Screen resolution and size

The image here next to example reports the two screens of the European Roulette Mobile proposed by Casino used on a common mobile phone. To make both the green table well visible on which to place the episodes and the wheel with the latest sorties, the game skill is divided into two parts and it is possible to go from one to the other at any time by scrolling the finger on the screen. If used on tablets with adequate resolution, the game has only one game screen that displays all parts of the table simultaneously.

Taking into consideration the number of portable devices on the market and the online casino number that offer a mobile game service is practically impossible to know a priori how this will be displayed on your screen. The best way to realize it is to try to play, since in almost all the casinos they are offered free mobile roulette versions, usable even without registration.

All the games for mobile gaming provided by the best known online game software manufacturers have been studied and created having as its main objective that of the ease of use. So if you play for the first time at the roulette with a portable device you will not have problems finding yourself immediately at ease. If, on the other hand, you have had experience with online casinos for PC, the game mechanisms will be slightly more cumbersome.