What is and how the participation of the casino bonuses works works

The contribution table It indicates the percentage of participation of each game to achieve the betting requirements, that is, of the game volumes, required to transform the vouchers offered by the online casino in real bonuses.

The Game participation table It is a fundamental element to understand the characteristics of the bonuses offered, precisely because it allows you to evaluate which of these are the most advantageous.

In almost all cases, here you find theList of bonuses offered by Casino, the fun bonuses accredited to players are subject to limitations and their use is closely linked to compliance with some betting requirements, usually expressed in certain game volumes to be made.

An error that is often made by the players, especially by the less experienced ones, is to think that the conditions applied to bonuses They limit themselves to the bet of the value of the same for a certain number of times (so -called Playthrough) and which, therefore, meet the requirements is very simple. In reality, the request to generate a certain volume of the game is almost always combined with this condition.

So these are two conditions necessary for turn the fun bonus, or game bonus, in real bonusnull The latter will be taken together with any winnings made through its use.

To deepen what we are talking about, we explain to this connection How online casino bonuses work And the operation of Real Bonus, Fun Bonus, Playtroough and betting volumes.

The games each contribute with a different percentage to the achievement of the required requirements. For this reason it is very important that the user always pays attention to the contribution table, where these percentages are clearly indicated and unequivocally.

Make the calculation to understand how much you have to bet to satisfy the required game volumes, betting with certain games, it is very simple: just multiply the value of the episode, for the value indicated in the contribution table.

An example will help to better understand what has been said:

  • If you intend to play slot machines and have a 100%contribution percentage, a $ 1 episode will contribute to generating a game volume equal to the amount of the bet, then 1 $
  • If, on the other hand, you want to play Blackjack and this presents a 50%contribution percentage, an episode of $ 10 will help generate a game volume of $ 5

The conditions that apply to the bonuses and the contribution percentages of the individual games vary from Casino to Casino and can be freely consulted directly on the operator's website.

How to calculate the play requirements with the contribution table

How much we have said so far makes it easy to deduce thatThe most advantageous bonuses for players They are those who have not very high betting requirements and vice versa of the very high games contribution percentages. This way it will be easier for the player Unlock the fun bonus and collect any winnings.

To better explain the operation, below we made a contribution table to be used as an example:

Games categories Percentage of contribution
Slot speciali 50%
roulette 50%
BlackJack 10%
Arcade 10%
Video Poker 10%
Casino Hold'em 10%
7 and a half 0%
All live roulette 50%
All live blackjacks 10%

Each game corresponds to a different contribution coefficient: a 100%percentage was assigned to slot machines; to some variants of the Roulette of 50%; At 10% videopoker while the Live casino games have a percentage of 0%.

To simplify the speech, we assume that a player wants to satisfy the volume of game requested through a single game. In reality this almost never happens, because fans of casino games usually tend to bet on several games, even during the same session.

We consider, for example, a $ 100 bonus which requires a 10x betting requirementnull To calculate the volume of game that can be made, you must multiply the value of the bonus by the number of times (betting requirement required) that the player must focus: $ 100 x 10x = 1000 $.

In this case, therefore, the game volume that the player must generate is $ 1000.

By certifying the contribution percentages of each game indicated by the contribution table that we have created as an example:

  • In the event that the player wants to play only at slot machines, who present a 100%contribution percentage, To create the required game volume It will be sufficient to aim 1000$
  • If the player wishes to bet on the roulette, with a 50%contribution percentage, he will have to point double to create a 1000 $ game volume, then $ 2000 (2000 $ x0.5)
  • If the player intends to create the requested game volume by playing the videopoker, who has a 10%contribution percentage, he will have to play $ 15,000 ($ 15,000 x0.1)

Depending on the games chosen, but not of the outcome of the episodes, the player will make the volume of the established game more or less quickly.

To keep up to date on the accrued requirements and on the amount that is missing from the full achievement of the same, all operators allow users to monitor them at any time by accessing their reserved area or, alternatively, by ing the client service of the online casino directly.