What are and how online casino bonuses are: rules for choosing the right bonuses

One of the main features of online casinos is to offer their own cash bonuses players, so that they can play with a number of money greater than that actually filed.

The great variety of bonuses present and the terminology linked to them can confuse the player who approaches this kind of entertainment for the first time, causing a series of doubts and misunderstandings that can compromise the gaming experience.

In this section we will initially describe the generic operation of the online casino bonuses, and then learn more about themes such as the difference between "Real Bonus" and "Fun Bonus", the concept of "Playtrough" or game volume and what are the ways of Accrediting the bonuses and the constraints that they impose on the player.

An important clarification: all online casinos on this site offer bonuses compliant with American legislation.

General information on online casino bonuses

What are online casino bonuses, how they are obtained, how they are credited and how to refuse them.

  • What is a bonus? The so -called "bonuses" offered by online casinos are promotions that allow players to make their episodes in the games with an amount of money higher than as deposited. In the practical act, the online casino provides a sum of further money on the player's account, however placing some constraints and conditions that may vary according to the chosen game operator.
  • How can you get a bonus in an online casino? There are mainly two types of bonuses: those with automatic credit and those who require to be unlocked.
    In the first case, the bonus credit is immediate when the player makes a deposit that meets the requirements to access the promotion. In the second case, on the other hand, it is necessary to reach a number of bets to be able to access the bonus credit. The specific rules can be read on the casino website or by accessing our reviews.
    Finally, some promotions require the use of a promotional code to be activated.
  • With what way is the bonus credited to the player's account? There are essentially two types of crediting, one immediate and a progressive.
    When a bonus is accredited immediately, this adds up to the player's filing and constitutes part of the total balance of the account. In this case, the player are usually imposed of the constraints or the game volumes to be made to be able to withdraw the winnings made using the bonus.
    A progressive bonus on the contrary is not accredited immediately, but is placed in a pending state, until it reaches certain requirements for collection. Once these requirements are met, the bonus is added to the balance of the player's account and the winnings made with it are immediately taken. In rare cases ("real bonus") it is possible to withdraw the winnings at any time, even if the bonus has an immediate credit.
  • Can the bonuses be refused? In almost all cases yes. Refusing a bonus allows you not to have to submit to any constraint: what is deposited and you can take what you win at any time can be placed. If it is a bonus that provides for direct user action, such as inserting bonus codes or following links received by e-mail, it is sufficient not to carry out any action at the time of the deposit. On the contrary, for automatic credit bonuses it is necessary to the assistance of the chosen online casino and request the cancellation of the bonus.

Real Bonus, Fun Bonus, Playtrough and betting volumes

The most common terminology linked to online casino bonuses.

  • What is the difference between a "real bonus" and a "fun bonus"?
    The Real Bonus is the most convenient form of promotion, because it is bound to a betting requirement equal to only its amount. Better than that, nothing is found.
    The Fun Bonus, on the other hand, is a bonus offered by the online casino and subject to some type of more stringent requirement, generally a volume of betting equal to a number of times its amount (they are part of this category usually the no deposit bonuses and sometimes those of welcome).
    The only practical difference between these two types concerns the fact that the fun bonus have higher requirements: they must first be converted into real bonus by making a certain volume of betting.
  • What are the playtrough and the betting volumes?
    As mentioned above, the bonuses are often subject to constraints. These constraints usually concern the impossibility of withdrawing the winnings obtained with the bonus until reaching a certain volume of betting in the games, regardless of the result of these (i.e. to achieve a certain Playtrough).
    Let's do some examples to clarify things:
  • We took advantage of a bonus on the first deposit of 100% up to $ 100, depositing the sum of $ 100. At this point, 200 $ are available on our gaming account. Of all the credit available on the gaming account, we consider that the bonus is the first to be played.
    Case 1): Playtrough requested: 10x on the deposit (10 times the deposit made): before you can collect the winnings obtained with the bonus, you need to carry out $ 100 = 1000 $ of total betting.
    Case 2): Playtrough requested: 10x on the bonus + deposit (10 times the bonus received and the deposit): before you can collect the winnings made with the bonus, it is necessary to carry out ($ 100+$ 100) * 10 = 2000 $ of total betting.
  • The playful values for the bonuses offered by the mess on this site are communicated in the bonus section And in the reviews of the individual casino online, but can be generally available in the terms and in the conditions of the casino directly on the game site.

Why choose the AAMS casino bonuses

What are the advantages of the bonuses offered by AAMS authorized online casinos.

  • The main difference between the legal online casinos in USA (and which have therefore received AAMS's authorization), compared to many other off-shore online casinos (the so-called ".com") present on the internet concerns the constraints on the Bonus.
    In fact, legal casinos in USA should present advantageous or at least equipped terms and conditions.
  • Be careful, however, in some cases the presence of a bonus on the gaming account completely prevents the withdrawal of the winnings, or imposes a maximum withdrawal roof until the conditions have been reached. These bonuses should be avoided. In our reviews we always communicate these cases, but the advice is always worth reading the casino regulation before playing, especially as regards this topic.
  • Note: the anti-agricultural laws present in USA do not allow you to immediately withdraw the money deposited, but this must be bet at least 1 time (Playtrough 1x on the deposit). All this is independent of the will of online casinos, which are obliged to impose this condition by the state.